Coastal Vacations Call Center Meets Not A Big Fan of Selling

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Coastal Vacations Director Roger Gurung's domain name creates buzz among opportunity seekers.

With the success story the Coastal Call Center has become in just two years, it has even attracted Directors from other Coastal groups with the lure of adding more leverage to their home businesses.

"It's a great system," Roger Gurung, a successful Coastal Vacations Director said. "It doesn't mean your business is hands-free but it adds a dimension to it that you don't get with other groups."

Even for someone who has been in sales for more than a decade Gurung, who embraced the Call Center concept, prefers to have somebody else ask for the money.

"It just made sense, most people don't like the sales component in any business but it has to be done. We simply give people a choice to take away that pain," he said from his spacious home office just west of Toronto.

Creating a domain name that sticks in people's minds is something Gurung encourages anyone who is starting a business to do. Coupled with the Call Center dealing with the sales element and his clear understanding of human behaviour to choose the path of least resistance, he came up with

"It's a funky name," Richard Bowen, a Coastal member said of Gurung's url. "Roger is a creative guy and he helps his team with his creativity."

Gurung, who considers himself the luckiest guy in the world, being married 10 years to his "beautiful" best friend is also a father to a 5-year-old daughter. He joined Coastal Vacations full time in July 2006 then joined the Call Center in the new year, hoping it would deliver as promised so he could spend more time with his family and continue his focus on retailing the product to businesses.

It worked.

"I've already had people join my business without speaking with them until after they joined," he said. "It's always a nice bonus when that happens."

Gurung believes the long term money is in building a team. The retail end of it, which he does all by phone, is something this former advertising sales manager enjoys but he also likes helping others in building their confidence and showing them successful ways to market Coastal Vacations.

The Call Center has been in business since February 2005 and has paid out almost $2,000,000 in commissions. With people joining the Call Center from all walks of life he said it makes it an ideal business model for anyone who leads a busy life.

"It's a great way to leverage your time. For real estate agents for example, they can benefit three ways, one by offering trips as a thank you or as an incentive to a selling agent," he said. "Another benefit is being a part of Coastal and advertising the Call Center so they can make money and still focus on their real estate business."

Although Gurung's domain name effectively shares the concept of what the Coastal Vacations Sales Center does, he said he still calls people who opt-in to his site to say hello.

"It just gives that personal touch. It doesn't matter how many advances we make with technology, people need to know you're there for them."

Coastal Vacations is a 12-year-old association of independent business owners with members in over 90 countries. The signature product is a lifetime wholesale discount travel package allowing its members to travel the world for pennies on the dollar. The membership, along with the business opportunity, has catapulted Coastal into a Top 5 Home based business.

To learn more about Roger Gurung, a full time Director with the Coastal Call Center where sales professionals close member sales, click on the weblink to find out how you can be a member now.


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