Diamond Contours Biomesosculpture Therapy for Non-Surgical Slimming and Rejuvenation in Singapore

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Biomesosculpture is a painless and swift detoxification procedure that enhances the entire face and body without the need for invasive surgery. It works by enhancing lymphatic drainage and mechanical lipolysis (fat destruction), in combination with creams containing natural products such as chocolate, juniper, dandelion and ivy. Fat reduction is permanent, cellulite is less visible, skin toning and lifting are seen.

Our early experience with this machine has been very encouraging

Simply Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Contouring Clinic is the first and only medical aesthetic clinic in Singapore to offer the new fat-melting treatment with the "Diamond Contours Biomesosculpture" system.

Created by Australian company Diamond International, Biomesosculpture is a painless and swift detoxification procedure that enhances the entire face and body without invasive surgery. Using principles based on the old Chinese art of cupping, this modern technology increases the microcirculation to reduce the congestion under the skin.

Cellulite is the bane of many women, even those who are extremely slim. With lifestyle and genetic components to its development and severity, cellulite responds poorly to weight loss and exercise. There are two stages to cellulite development; the first is tissue congestion, the second is cellulitus. Stagnation occurs when fat cells get enlarged, which in turn causes septa -- fibrous structures -- to tighten, resulting in a dimpled appearance. The Biomesosculpture treatment acts by increasing circulation and detoxifying the extra-cellular matrix, which allegedly can counteract these stagnation effects.

Biomesosculpture uses 100% safe and natural principles to detoxify the extra-cellular matrix (ECM), which is the gel-like substance in which all cells sit, and through which the cells communicate with the rest of the body. The natural accumulation of toxins in the ECM leads to sub-optimal cellular metabolism, and the accumulation of cellulite and fat.

Biomesosculpture, in combination with a luxurious custom-blended chocolate, dandelion, ivy and juniper treatment cream, detoxifies the ECM and encourages the drainage of toxins into the lymphatic system. The cream has anti-oxidant properties that continue the detoxification process after the treatment is completed. With a clean ECM, the appearance of cellulite is reduced. The mechanical action of the treatment head breaks up the fat cells, leading to inch loss, often noticeable after the first treatment.

Dr Christine Cheng of Simply Aesthetic Rejuvenation & Contouring Clinic describes the treatment as filling in a vacuum in the slimming market in Singapore. Technology meets medical reliability in fat melting and skin rejuvenation. We finally have a totally safe and natural treatment which produces the results without discomfort or the need for prolonged recovery. For fat melting particularly, the rate of fat destruction can exceed mesotherapy and liposuction. The other advantage is skin toning during the fat melting process. Loose skin can be a major problem with other fat melting treatments.

Each Biomesosculpture session lasts for 45-60 minutes. For cellulite, 10 sessions are needed to see results. For waist reduction, 5 sessions should produce a 5 cm loss. Recommended treatment frequency is alternate days, but the treatment is safe enough to be used daily for faster results.

A medical study looked at the MRI scans taken before and after treatment and these confirmed a reduction in abdominal fat over the course of treatment. Whether fat is destroyed through mesotherapy, liposuction, or any other technique, fat loss is considered permanent. The combination of Biomesosculpture with a healthy lifestyle can result in permanent fat loss. The reduction of stagnation, stimulation of lymphatic drainage is detoxifying and promotes the reduction of cellulite.

In addition to fat melting and cellulite reduction, Diamond Contours, when used with a Biomesolifting Cream, has a natural skin tightening effect. Brow, face and neck lifting is visible after a single session. Décolletage rejuvenation with smoothening of the skin texture and breast rejuvenation (lifting, firming & enhancement) are part of this versatile machine's treatment portfolio.

As with all non-invasive aesthetic treatments, a few sessions are needed to see the best results, and regular sessions will be required for maintenance.

"Our early experience with this machine has been very encouraging," said Dr Cheng. "We have a client who flies in from Manila every week for treatment. He has reduced his waist circumference by 10 sessions after a mere 13 treatments, and sculpted his chin and neck area. The fat from his neck area melted away very quickly. We are now lifting the skin with the Biomesolifting lotion."

Simply Aesthetic Rejuvenation and Contouring Clinic is located at 230 Orchard Road, Faber House #04-230, Singapore 238854. Simply Aesthetic is a medical aesthetic clinic that offers non-surgical aesthetic treatments such as Botox, chemical peels and mesotherapy for rejuvenation, physical enhancement and body contouring. Our slimming program includes detailed personal testing for food intolerances (Food Intolerance Test) and Personal Genetic Screening for the Obesity Gene. Detailed information about the range of services offered can be found at http://www.simply-aesthetic.com.

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