Timberland Investments Net High Returns

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There are not many investments that have the high, long term growth that can compare to the purchase of timberland. Not only will the value of the land increase overtime, there are many opportunities to let the timberland earn money while the trees are growing both in value and size. Investor's portfolios should be diversified and not completely held with in an IRA. Planning for retirement by investing monies outside of an IRA has immediate benefits that can lead to greater wealth to be enjoyed now.

Sum Total Management, Inc. has a unique program that helps investors use their IRA or 401k monies to invest in real estate. Investing in real estate can be very profitable. There are large gains to be realized when selling an investment property. There is also the opportunity for investors to use the real estate to generate continuous income. Aside from conventional real estate purchases, a little known opportunity can be found in timberland. Not only does the value of timberland increase with age, there are many ways to let the land generate income while it is increasing in value.

According to the American Forest Management, Inc. website, "Trees harvested as timber, make up one of the few investments whose returns have outpaced stocks, bonds and real estate over the last 30 years. Timberland investments compliment a portfolio. Timberland investments provide low volatility, diversification and strong returns." So, not only will you have the land value as a growing investment, you have the timber sales and other income sources, such as leasing the land to hunters, to earn returns. As the trees grow, the investment grows because the trees are worth more the bigger they are. The timber can be sold, grown and re-sold time and time again, thus creating a limitless income source for you and your heirs.

American Forest Management also recognizes an article written by Elizabeth Reed of the New York Times titled, Not Just for the Birds: Timber is a Commodity for the Long Run. Ms. Reed is quoted as saying "Investors who have lost their patience with the stock market may want to take a walk in the woods. Trees, harvested as timber, make up one of the few investments whose returns have outpaced stocks, bond sand real estate over the last 30 years."

Any type of real estate purchase can require a large amount of capital. Investors with a portfolio large enough to purchase timberland may not know they can use funds already set aside for retirement to finance the purchase. Not only is this a legal and IRS approved option, this option comes with tax advantages as well. Property can be purchased outside of an IRA while using monies from an IRA to leverage the purchase. The benefit of investing "outside" of the IRA is that you retain control of the property, the use of it and any earning generated by the land. With the abundance of opportunities for income generation, you will not want the property or any earnings generated by the property trapped in an IRA, out of your personal control, until you retire. The "Outside" method allows an investor to reap the benefits before retirement.

Terry Treudt, of Sum Total Financial Management, has been helping investors nationwide use retirement funds to legally and safely buy real estate, even before retirement. Sum Total Financial has done the research and can help navigate the legislative requirements and the IRA tax laws that can encumber many investors. Contact Sum Total Financial Management to learn more about this new program.

For additional information on this popular program, contact Terry Treudt with Sum Total Financial Management, Inc. or visit http://usirarealestate.com.


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