Revolutionary New Program Puts An End To Traditional Multi-level-marketing Companies

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The general public is convinced that multi-level-marketing (MLM) distributors make their money by selling millions of dollars of products to their unsuspecting down line recruits who work hard only to receive very little profit. There is however, one big money making secret that a lot of companies in the MLM industry will hope the public will never find out. But one man has created a new system to put a stop on this big MLM secret and prevent current MLM distributors or soon to be distributors from wasting more money.

Fed up with the scam and half truths of MLM's, Alan Quan from announced that he will be launching a revolutionary new program called The "Art Of Prospecting Without Prospecting" in which he will invest some of his personal time for free in order help people make money like a lot of MLM companies out there -- through selling information products.

In today's business world it is dog eat dog. Those who have a strong business sense will succeed far better than the business that is just starting out. For some, it is difficult to find their niche. When you see the mansions and cars, you tell yourself that lifestyle will be yours very soon.

Although by law most MLMs are legitimate, offering a legitimate product to sell, there is a dark side to the MLM industry that people never hear about when they attend one of their "business opportunity" meetings.

This is the "hidden" side business that the overly excited recruiter will always fail to mention, and if they do, it will be a short sentence thrown together and a new subject is moved to quickly.

The aspect of MLM's that is not often discussed is distributing the physical products. This is where the real work comes into play. Selling products such as business tapes, CDs, DVDs, quarterly business seminars, monthly voice mail systems, can be time consuming with very little reward.

In fact, an article written by a reputable news agency has one high level distributor of a certain MLM company states that up to three fourth of their profits come from selling these information products such as tapes, books, seminars regarding the products and not by selling the product themselves.

It is not surprising that a lot of these MLM companies have a prerequisite that recruits must buy these information products. What the new recruits do not understand is that when the recruit purchases the info products, the MLM can and will manipulate them by convincing them that in order to strike it rich with the MLM company these motivational CDs, meetings, and conventions are an absolute requirement.

This implies that failure is eminent if the products are not purchased. It is important that the recruit understands that the distributor is the one receiving the profit and that much of the information offered can be found on the Internet at a fraction of the cost.

Alan Quan, an ex-MLM distributor turned information marketer, recently stated, "I'm sick and tired of these MLM companies being deceptive to their distributors and giving them false hope by brainwashing them to listen to those useless 'motivational' audios."

Although there have been no formal investigations on how much the big MLM distributors make from selling information, it is estimate their profits will reach the multi-billion dollar mark each year. This figured by the price of each tape being sold multiplied by thousands of down line recruits per month.

"Selling information is big business," said Alan Quan recently. "And after being in the information business for about a year now, the realization has been reached how much money these big time MLM distributors are ripping off recruits and profiting BIG by focusing on selling these less-than-worthless tapes and business meetings instead of selling the actual products themselves."

Selling information is a multi-trillion dollar industry because of its low reproduction cost and high margins and even high-powered influential businessmen are taking advantage of it selling countless books and real estate seminars. It's no wonder that many of the MLM companies are following the same path, even when their expensive motivational "fluff" products are a financial disadvantage for their recruits.

For more information on how the "Art of Prospecting Without Prospecting" System can help anyone profit with information products without having to join another MLM, visit to get the full details.


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