YouTube User's Million Dollar True Story Challenge Dares A Closer Look At Evidence Of Reincarnation In The Name Of Global Warming

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Raising awareness and making the case for reincarnation, the video producers cite global warming as the ultimate motivation for unity.

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We have all been here before and we will be born again

In a new series of short and humorous "Double Dog Dare" video clips, Artist Peter Teekamp along with his coauthor Michelle Moshay are raising awareness for an incredible case of reincarnation. With a true story so layered in multiple co-incidents, synchronicity, discoveries and unsolved mysteries, they claim it rivals best-selling "Da Vinci Code" but does so factually, not fictionally and the only death in this story is the one the planet may experience if a meeting of the minds does not come to order soon.

The authors of the manuscript, "Pass It On, Art History, Secrets from the Past, Revelations of the Future", Teekamp and Moshay, dare the media to look closer at the layers of evidence which have been validated, colorfully documented and are just a bit 'in-your-face'. They believe the next logical conclusion after reviewing all the evidence will be "We have all been here before and we will be born again".

Teekamp and Moshay see the mission of proving the case for reincarnation on par with the mission of Al Gore. Gore is organizing an effort to reduce global warming and call to order the unity of souls aware of the clear and present danger of continuing on our path without change. Reincarnation adds the element of truth that shows we do not leave this earth behind when we pass, but rather we return to inherit it. Should anyone require even further motivation beyond the rescue of our earth, now and here?

According to the book "Born Again, Reincarnation Cases Involving International Celebrities, India's Political Legends and Film Stars" by Reincarnation researcher Dr. Walter A. Semkiw, which includes Teekamp and Moshay's case as well as cases for Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush to name a few, "one historian noted that he had rare abilities as a military organizer", speaking of General Horatio Gates as Al Gore's prior incarnation. Considered a Founding Father of America, Gore's new army rallies for a planetary cause.

Paul Gauguin (French post-impressionist painter) stated; "When the physical organism breaks up, the soul survives. It then takes on another body." Ironically the discoveries within the pages of "Pass It On, Art History" include the study of the hidden 'signature' in the art of Paul Gauguin relatively unnoticed in more than a century, a separate comparison of sketches done by Peter Teekamp thirty years before seeing similar sketches by Gauguin in 2003 and a rare, lost, charcoal masterpiece drawing believed to be by Gauguin, potentially worth millions. This extensive study contains quotes from art experts, historians and Gauguin himself. The separate studies were made from a resource library of over 80 titles specifically written on Gauguin and used to validate the data on the charcoal drawing still awaiting final authentication.

As the saying goes, "You can't judge a book by its cover". "Pass It On, Art History" is a story whose time has come and Teekamp and Moshay have all the documents for the producer or publisher ready to take a closer look.

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