Miter Saw Stand Prevents Body Pains, Says Trojan Tools Expert

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A sturdy sawhorse or saw stand can boost productivity and bring relief from physical abuse.

Contractors often take a physical beating in their day-to-day work. Over time, this can cripple productivity and even cause early retirement. According to Trojan Tools experts, a sturdy miter saw stand can be the solution.

Heavy lifting, punishment from vibrating power tools, bending over and kneeling in unusual positions are all part of a contractor's job description. Products that alleviate this torment and extend a healthy career are sorely needed.

One source of suffering is the use of power saws, particularly miter and table saws that seem to get heavier each year. Some contractors, to save time, get on their hands and knees and use them on the floor. Bending, pushing and lifting, however, create agonies that are hard for many journeymen to ignore.

David Reid heads a remodeling company in Saratoga Springs, New York. "I use three saws -- two tile saws and a 12-inch compound miter saw -- all of which weigh in the vicinity of 100 pounds. I used to roll them out on a cart, then lift them up and put them on sawhorses. It took a lot of time and effort. I had to drag the sawhorses out of my trailer, set them up, lift the saws onto them and then try to maneuver the whole setup around."

Reid recently found a solution with a portable miter saw stand from Trojan Manufacturing. "These saw stands require no time and effort. They allow me to bring the saws in wherever I'm using them and just set them up. Setup takes less than a minute and speeds up jobs tremendously."

The physical strain has disappeared, enabling Reid to keep his career even working by himself. "The stands have 10-inch pneumatic tires on them so they just roll everywhere. I don't have to lift the full weight of the saws anymore. The stands are designed in a way that enable me to work alone, and I could never do that before."

Sawhorses, like the miter saw stand, should lighten backbreaking labor but are often heavy, hard to carry, and time consuming to make.

"The majority of construction people build their own horses," says Dale Croy, a general contractor from Arcadia, Florida. But, "We end up leaving them on the job. They always get rickety and wobble all over the place. You only get maybe a couple of jobs out of them."

To solve the problem, Croy tried four different store-bought solutions. "All they did was make me mad. You put your stuff on them, you get enough weight on them and rock them the wrong way and they fall. All the stuff falls on the ground."

Croy found a sturdy, reliable and portable Trojan sawhorse built with the professional contractor in mind.

Croy appreciates their versatility. "I can break them down in seconds and store them in my trailer. They save a lot of room. I have 3 sets. I can drop a lot of boards on these, which I could never do with wooden horses. I would have to take one piece at a time, work on it, and then move it. With these I can drop a whole bunch and just go to work on them."

With an excellent miter saw stand and sawhorse, contractors can count on a higher level of painless production.

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