Codejock Software Introduces Xtreme ToolkitPro and SuitePro 2007 Vol. 1 for Visual Studio .NET

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Volume 1 is the 1st major release for 2007 that introduces Vista style Task Dialog, SkinFramework for .NET with RTL support, built-in Slider and Spin Button controls for Property Grid, Multiple Resources for Each Calendar Day, Enhanced Report Control Memory Management, updated language translations including support for Bulgarian and Turkish languages. Additionally, the following new components have been added for ActiveX COM: Syntax Editor, Button, ComboBox, LIstBox, Resizer, Edit, and Radio Button.

Codejock Software a leading provider of cutting-edge user interface components, today has announced the release of Xtreme ToolkitPro™ and Xtreme SuitePro™ 2007 Volume 1 for Visual Studio .NET®, providing a comprehensive set of fully customizable user interface components for use with Visual C++ MFC, ActiveX COM and Microsoft.NET development platforms.

This release incorporates many new enhancements to the already full featured Codejock product line including:

  • New Button, ComboBox, Label, ListBox, Resizer, Edit, CheckBox and Radio Button Controls for ActiveX: The Xtreme SuitePro now includes many new commonly used components all of which have design time support.
  • New SyntaxEdit for ActiveX: This is the first release of the Visual Studio .NET style edit control for ActiveX.
  • SkinFramework for .NET and RTL Support: Xtreme SkinFramework can now be used with Visual Studio .NET and it now has RTL support.
  • New Vista Style Task Dialog Control: A Windows Vista style Task Dialog control is now included with the Toolkit Pro.
  • Slider and Spin Button Controls for Property Grid: Slider and Spin button controls give you another way to get user input.
  • Support for Multiple Resources for Each Calendar Day: The Calendar now allows multiple schedules to be added to each calendar day.
  • Report Control Memory Manager: The custom memory manager allows large numbers of records to more efficiently be added and deleted any number of times.
  • Updated Translation Resources and added Bulgarian and Turkish Support: Translation resources for all components have been updated as well as adding support for Bulgarian and Turkish.
  • Update Office 2007 Theme for Report Control, CommandBars and DockingPane: Now each component more closely matches the appearance of Office 2007.

Xtreme SuitePro now provides many new commonly used controls including a button, ComboBox, label, resize, edit, checkbox, and radio button. Each of these components has design-time support and all support the SkinFramework. With SkinFramework support you can replace your existing common components with Codejock components so that your application can be completely skinned. For example, you can now have skinned picture buttons.

The Resizer control is another useful control that can automatically resize child controls so that they remain proportionate to the size of the parent container. Child controls can optionally be moved in proportion to the size of the parent container as well.

The new Visual Studio .NET style Syntax Editor Control provides your users with a highly sophisticated text editor control that supports advanced features such as text block grouping, syntax colorization, line numbers, font type, pre-defined color schemes, book marks, break points and many more advanced features.

Visual Studio .NET applications including C# and VB.NET can now take advantage of the SkinFramework. With Xtreme SkinFramework you can easily apply a custom "skin" to your .NET application to control how each individual component should be display. Everything can be skinned including components such as the title bar, window frame, buttons, etc. Included is several predefined skins, you can choose from Office 2007, Windows XP Royal Blue, or Windows XP Luna skins. In addition to the included skins, you can use any *.msstyles skin file. The possibilities are endless with how you can skin your application. With the newly added Right-To-Left (RTL) support applications that support RTL languages such as Arabic can bow enjoy custom skins.

A great alternative to creating a series of confusing and difficult to use dialog boxes with the MessageBox API would be to use a Vista Style Task Dialog. With a task dialog all the information a user needs to make an informed decision can be presented to them in an easy to understand and concise format. The design of the task dialog looks better and is much simpler, which improves usability by stating the purpose, providing self-explanatory responses, enabling expandable content for added instructions and rich text support to better layout information.

Slider and Spin button controls for the Xtreme PropertyGrid give you another way to get user input. The slider and spin button allow you to select from a range of values by sliding the gripper in the slider or by pressing the up or down button on the spin button.

Multiple resources / schedules can now be displayed for each individual day in the Calendar. This allows you to display a different schedule for the same person for each day of the week. Another possibility is that maybe a person only needs a schedule for 3 days of a week, the new resource handler allows you to display a schedule for a particular person for only the days desired.

Repeatedly adding and deleting a large number of records can cause the system not to free up memory. Using the Report Control's custom memory manager eliminates any memory management problems and allows any number of records to be freely added or deleted without consuming more and more resources.

Translation resources for all components have been updated and are now more complete than. Support for Bulgarian and Turkish languages have been added to increase the number of languages Codejock components support.

Now the Report Control, CommandBars and Docking Pane components more closely match the appearance of Office 2007. The Report Control added Office 2007 headers, CommandBars Ribbon updated to look more like Office2007 and DockingPane have a new Office 2007 style tabs.

A complete list of all new features can be found in the release notes for each product, found on the company's website,

About Codejock Software
Codejock Software, a division of Codejock Technologies, LLC based in Owosso, Michigan provides reusable software components that facilitate rapid user interface development using Microsoft® Visual Studio .NET® development platforms. Codejock Software is committed to helping developers realize their goals with cutting-edge components, superior customer service and technical support. Codejock Software's products and evaluation versions available for download on the company's website, for more information visit


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