Chicago's Premiere Human Resources Firm Unveils Its Revamped Web Portal

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Relying on a reputation built on satisfied corporate clients and a "plugged-in" consulting staff, Chicago's premiere human resources, project professional placement specialists and full service interim staffing firm has become an area phenomenon since it was founded in 2004. Dedicated to ensuring that clients meet their talent needs by leveraging their access to streams of focused expertise and offering dynamic answers to critical and often urgent personnel needs. Cavalry HR provides cost-effective advice and support known for delivering, practical solutions to clients' project needs. More importantly, soon, they'll be offering all of that and more via a revamped web portal located at:

Cavalry HR provides cost-effective advice and support known for delivering, practical solutions to clients' project needs. More importantly, soon, they'll be offering all of that and more via a revamped web portal located at:

Knowledge is power, so it should go without saying that corporate professionals should arm themselves with as much information as possible. Having the right kind of information is literally the only way those professionals can make the best possible decisions when it's time to shape the form and focus of a human resources strategy. Traditionally, that's been a costly internal function, but it doesn't have to be. Cavalry HR is in the business of cutting through the staffing haze that surrounds corporate project work, and staying out at the leading edge of latest industry trends. Whether you're an HR novice or know enough to be dangerous working with Cavalry's extraordinary staff of HR consultants will expand your horizons.

If your concerns include your firm's personnel needs, you've run across the business section columnists and commentators who've taken to referring to the "Internal Human Resources Department" as the true last bastion of cumbersome corporate bureaucracy. Unfortunately, that description is more accurate than not.

The traditional role of HR professionals has made them little more than the organizational arm of executive management. But, in today's project-based workplace, that just isn't enough. Human resources professionals need to have one ear to the ground and a window looking out over the outside world to support any firm's interim staffing needs and thereby, its strategic objectives. To properly adapt to, respond to and profit from a changing talent landscape, inside decision makers require outside expertise, objectivity and support -- and Cavalry HR is here to offer that and more.

"Too many companies still relegate human resources professionals to that traditional administrative, systematizing, policing role," said Cavalry HR founder and president Keith Price. "But in today's personnel marketplace, where the competition for talent can move faster than NASCAR, that's an outdated approach and it wastes human resources consultative and strategic value."

Cavalry HR's Human Resource Consultants are uniquely plugged-in to the transitional space -- where sought after corporate specialists track down their new assignments, and deeply knowledgeable of the requirements and parameters of the interim projects they'll eventually be expected to contribute to. That places them at the perfect vantage point to service staffing needs.

"Everything we do here at Cavalry HR, is based on our understanding of how each client's business is unique," Price went on to say. "Rather than shoehorning our clients into pre-packaged solutions based on an outdated worldview or equally outdated methodology, we've developed an adaptive operational style that allows clients to lean on our expertise rather than being forced to go it alone. This may sound like sales-speak, but we really do deliver the full potential of the global talent marketplace to their concerns."

Until this week, firms interested in availing themselves of the rare brand of personnel, interim staffing and project-based workforce expertise Cavalry HR is known for have faced a fragmented set of options. There hasn't been a place for one stop shopping when it's time to find a project specialist that's a perfect fit for your corporate needs or a bit of news or advice to help you catch up to the shifting talent marketplace. Fortunately, the revamped Cavalry HR website -- located at: http:// / has changed all of that. Now, firms of all sizes can take advantage of Cavalry HR dot com, to find human resources news and analysis and educate yourself of the latest interim staffing trends.

Founded in 2004, Cavalry HR exist to offer corporations large and small an alternative channel of seasoned Human Resources pros. Cavalry provides businesses with an efficient, flexible and cost-effective way to access the extraordinary well of professional talent today's global staffing pool has to offer - even in the face of shifting marketplace. They offer executives looking for a dynamic, truly professional solution to their workforce requirements. Cavalry HR specializes in putting its clients in touch with what every business needs to thrive ... the right experience at the right time.

If you're interested in increasing your firm's productivity, profitability or personnel efficiency, don't hesitate to give one of Cavalry HR's Human Resources consultants a call at 312-251-9664 or to pay them a visit via their revamped website:

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