Candy and Flowers Not Working? Try Hypnosis -- New Book with the Secret Spells Anyone Can Use

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Many men have tried flowers, candy, and the sappy cards, but still haven't been able to set their ship sailing on the Sea of Love. One answer to the problem of a reluctant lover might be to hypnotize her, convince her that "she wants you, she needs you, she loves you", then sit back and reap the rewards. A new web site and book from Phil Billitz, "Hypnopoetics... Modern Love Poems and Hypnotic Inductions" promises to do just that. Written with language techniques that some have considered controversial in the past, it offers a unique, new approach for anyone who is looking for love.

If someone really doesn't want to dance like a chicken, no hypnotic power on earth will compel them to scratch around in the dirt.

Not everyone has a few years to learn hypnosis, and using it to enhance one's love life isn't a trick presented on stage in las Vegas. But, what if winning someone's heart were as easy as reading her some romantic poetry designed to capture and program her unconscious mind? The website features a new book of modern love poems that claims to use the technology and language of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Eriksonian hypnosis (a 'covert' conversational method of inducing trance) to get exactly those results.

Language patterns and techniques that are normally used for therapeutic or persuasive (e.g. marketing and sales) purposes are used here to mesmerize and seduce. The poems use imbedded commands, tonality, trance language, softeners, universal experiences, phonetic ambiguity and other covert communication techniques to create a very dreamy experience for the listener. This makes the book as much a text on hypnotic induction as it is a collection of romantic love poems.

But wait a minute, if it is indeed possible to do this, could it be considered manipulative? Of course, for millennia poets have written romantic poems intended to get their beloved to fall hopelessly in love. Nothing new there. But, is it ethical, or effective to use these sorts of psychological tricks covertly to woo and seduce that special someone? Could or should someone actually be able to quote a love poem and covertly affect the unconscious mind of someone who is unaware of what is happening?

"Of course!" Billitz would reply. "This is exactly what happens every day in messages from advertisers, salespeople and marketers of all types. It is just as ethical as someone of either sex wearing attractive clothing, makeup, hair coloring or fragrances to attract and seduce the people they desire". He is quick to point out that "If someone really doesn't want to dance like a chicken, no hypnotic power on earth will compel them to scratch around in the dirt."

But people do want to fall in love, and these romantic love poems are written to cause people, especially females, to do just that. Could a suggestible person end up having those feelings and associating them with the person reading the poetry. Read and decide by getting these modern love poems. It might just work for someone who is looking for an extra advantage. is a new site devoted to helping people attract, screen, captivate, and keep love in their lives. It features a variety of romantic products including handwriting analysis, love poems, pheromone cologne and contraceptives and birth control information and products. Its look, sensibility, and content will attract both men and women - people who are in serious relationships, as well as those looking to enter one. With the 50 percent divorce rate in the United States and the even larger number of failed relationships, it is more important than ever to find, captivate, and keep our relationships via romance, passion and love.

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