The Secret, Religion, Self-help, Spirituality, and Enlightenment - All In One New Book?

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What do The Secret, Law of Attraction, self-help guru Tony Robbins, Hollywood actress Lindsay Wagner, spirituality, religion and world peace have in common? They all come together in Dr. Robert March's new book Bringers of The Golden Ball.

Movies like the Indigo Children, What The Bleep, the Da Vinci Code, and The Secret all reflect the movement of consciousness away from a culture dominated by fear, greed, and control, towards a culture of compassion, love, fulfillment and happiness.

We are all experiencing remarkable times as we approach the year 2012. The Mayan calendar and other spiritual traditions emphasize 2012 will be a year of major worldwide expansion in consciousness.

Among others, this movement of consciousness has been foretold by the Mayan shamans, the Hopi elders, and many spiritual seers over the last several hundred years including Teilhard de Chardin, Ramakrishna, Sufi Inayat Khan, The Tibetan & Aurobindo.

This is the time of the emerging of the Golden Age, the Age of Oneness.

In The Bringers Of The Golden Ball, the author Robert Chamberlain March, ND describes his personal journey in consciousness, vibrational healing, complementary health care, and spirituality through the Gnostic Christian, Vedic, Sufi and Goddess traditions over the last 37 years until the present time.

Over the last 3 years he has journeyed to Oneness University in Golden City south India five times where he has received the Golden Ball of Divine Grace, a spiritual phenomenon of profound implications for the health, happiness, peace and enlightenment of the whole world.

The purpose of The Oneness Movement is to spread enlightenment through the human family, offering this grace of The Golden Ball and spiritual opening to all people rather than just a few selected seekers, as in the past.

The purpose of his book Bringers of The Golden Ball is to assist that process.

It's becoming clear and unmistakable - with evidence gathering from science, psychology, and personal experience - that the energy process known as "deeksha" or "oneness blessing" alters brain physiology, creates spontaneous spiritual awakenings, and brings greater peace, joy and happiness.

People commonly report these benefits from receiving the energy transfer known as "deeksha" or "oneness blessing":

  • Heart awakening, consciousness expansion, integration of mental and emotional intelligence
  • More energy and creative fire for greater personal success
  • Increasing freedom from psycho-emotional suffering and better health
  • Less stress and more joy, love and compassion
  • Greater happiness, including better quality of life and relationships
  • Increasing ability to detach from turmoil, both within and around you
  • Awakening to your Higher Sacred Self
  • Mystical connections to Masters, Guides, Angels and higher realms of consciousness and light.

Dr. March shares his remarkable journey of Awakening in the 291 pages of this book.

About The Author - Robert Chamberlain March, BS, ND is the founder and director of 3 schools of Vibrational Healing in the USA, and Australia. He has been a pioneer in the field of energy medicine for the last 37 years. Robert has written 9 books on healing and consciousness work and produced an audio tape entitled WorldChantä containing 14 songs & chants from many spiritual traditions around the world. Visit for details.


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