Tantalizing Radio Show Reveals Hidden Motives of Politicians, Spiritual Leaders, Apologizing Radio Host and Campus Killer

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Novel technology reveals the private intent of public words. Our world would swiftly change if we could ascertain the motives behind the words of our political and spiritual leaders; our rich and infamous; the guilty and innocent; the authentic and unfaithful?

could have saved himself three years of therapy

BBS Late Night Radio, an internet Live Talk station, recently premiered a tantalizing new show that is already making political and social news by posting what some believe to be the hidden motives of our successful and infamous citizenry.

Vocal Profiling LIVE! is obligated to call itself "entertainment" because of the potential for bias that would ensue if Vocal Profiles become widely accepted as a way to view the private intent behind public words. Using computerized vocal analysis can nearly instantaneously expose deeper layers of information as levels of intention are examined using this novel, yet sophisticated technology.

Michael Beckwith, a prominent figure in the popular documentary, THE SECRET, was profiled from an interview as he was sharing his definitions of the Soul. Why might Beckwith be reluctant to accept the position of being the spiritual leader of the people? Does he question himself? Does he believe that he is doing enough for the right reasons?

Don Imus, caused a recent stir with his apology for an on-air racial slur. Was Imus sincere? His Vocal Profile indicates that his motives for the apology were primarily spiritual with a bit more thrown in.

Hillary Clinton's Vocal Profile was done from an online recording of a speech provided to YouTube by Clinton's campaign which concerned a proposed new GI Bill of Rights for troops and veterans. From where does Senator Clinton pull her influence? Her chart exhibited simultaneous multi-concerns for physical results, what the actions of those results would produce and what sequence is needed to achieve those results.

What were the motives behind Cho Seung Hui's killing spree? His vocal analysis strongly suggested the motives were not the same as those listed in the video presented to NBC news. The voice patterns pointed toward an unnatural source or substance being the reason behind the lack of coherence in the speech patterns. Three distinct, unconnected patterns could be seen in his vocal graph.

All four Profiles are linked from the Sound Health Research Institute to a site on BBS radio for public viewing. Since the show hit the air, not even a week ago, requests for profiles on Anna Nicole, Britney, Madonna, John Edwards, Barack Obama, Princess Diana, Ron Paul, David Letterman, Rosie O'Donnell and Rudy Giuliani have been received.

"You can lie with your words but this program goes to the intent by examining the sub harmonic patterns of a person's vocal frequencies. We end up answering questions that the person being analyzed didn't even think to ask," states Sharry Edwards, M.Ed., the host of Vocal Profiling LIVE! and creator of the nVoice Personality Profiler that does the analysis.

Based on years of research, Vocal Profiles created from the computer program are considered to be 90-95 percent accurate. One student who had taken part in the feedback session of the original research quipped the he "could have saved himself three years of therapy" had he seen his Vocal Profile first. Edwards' work has been showcased in several publications including The Duke Encyclopedia of New Medicine and The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine. More information about Edwards' work can be found at: Journal of BioAcoustic Biology

The nVoice Vocal Profiler has been used in research since the early 90's but has just recently been automated and made available to the public. There are three versions of the program: 1) nVoice which seeks to display personality traits and is used by therapists and person's seeking more information about themselves; 2) BioVoice which is a medical system version used to create management reports designed to support optimal health and wellness and 3) VioVoice which is used for security purposes. One security rated version of the technology developed by as overseas company has been written up in several publications including the Wall Street Journal and Newsweek.

Edwards expects the Vocal Codes found in voice frequencies to be quickly embraced by people who have the courage to face who they really are and those seeking to establish a personal foundation of integrity. "Visionaries will see this as the next step in human social evolution because of its potential to reveal layers of unconscious reality in only a few minutes", says Edwards. There is no doubt that a Vocal Profile can help provide answers and direction for people. The instant success of the show indicates that people want to know more about themselves, the motives of our politicians; our rich, famous and infamous; innocent and guilty.

The show will continue to post Vocal Profiles, including a comparison of current presidential contenders. Vocal Profiling LIVE! is aired on Monday evenings, 5:30-6:30 pacific and 8:30-9:30 on BBS Late Night - BBS Live Talk Radio.


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