CultureVision™ by Cook Ross, Inc. Launches E-tour for Healthcare Cultural Competency

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Cultural and linguistic competency in healthcare has laid the foundation for broader applications of the idea. Cook Ross, Inc., leaders in cultural competency training and consulting, have launched a free e-tour of their healthcare-focused online product CultureVision™ that is leading the field.

The archetypes found in the product lay a thorough foundation for being informed to provide more culturally competent care, which we also know is more patient-centered care, which we also know can ultimately reduce health disparities.

The need for healthcare cultural competency solutions is growing rapidly throughout the industry. For over ten years of Cook Ross’ 18-year history delivering cutting edge solutions in diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency training and consulting services, the firm has been working heavily in healthcare. Their breadth of experiences, coupled with response to emerging client needs, resulted in the genesis of Cook Ross’ product web-based cultural competency solution CultureVision™, an application allowing healthcare practitioners to easily find culturally competent patient care data for a rapidly expanding list of cultural and religious communities. It provides a broad range of information, including concepts of health, communication issues, and a plethora of research on ethnopharmacology and health disparities.
With over 25 cultural groups and 10 religious affiliations, the many communities are represented and the site is consistently expanding.

To share the benefits of this product more readily, Cook Ross, has developed an e-tour that gives viewers a quick overview of the site.

“We have provided data like that found in CultureVision to our clients for many years. With CultureVision it is all in one place,” said Howard Ross, president and co-founder. “The archetypes found in the product lay a thorough foundation for being informed to provide more culturally competent care, which we also know is more patient-centered care, which we also know can ultimately reduce health disparities.”

“We want more people to use CultureVision. More important, we want more people to open up to the possibilities cultural competency work throughout the industry. We feel confident that training, along with access to tools, is a combination necessary to move us towards truly integrating and leveraging our cultural competency efforts into all aspects of our business. The e-tour is a fun, educational resource that will definitely share the product, and will also give you greater insight into the myriad cultural-specific healthcare information available to both clinicians and non-clinicians, to help provide informed care and service to patients and their families.”

Many organizations looking to meet JCHAO or Magnet cultural competency measures can do so using CultureVision along with other Cook Ross products services. TO inquire email Amri Johnson ( Cook Ross or call 301-565-4035.

More about CultureVision™

Today's healthcare providers treat a growing number of patients with diverse cultural backgrounds. And understanding their particular needs is critical. CultureVision offers the first user-friendly, comprehensive universe of information enabling healthcare professionals and facilities to provide culturally competent patient care in three clicks and five minutes.

For each group CultureVision highlights concept of health, family traditions, health promotion/disease prevention, illness-related issues, treatment issues, death and dying, and a whole lot more. Within each category are multiple subcategories. The entire site is built on data from peer reviewed journals, government reports, and a variety of medical and social anthropology reference texts.

An on-line resource, CultureVision is constantly updated with the latest research-based cultural healthcare information, and puts volumes of data right at the fingertips of the people who need it the most and can do the most good with it.

Other tools offered by Cook Ross include:

The Diversity Toolkit

The Diversity Toolkit is a unique resource designed for managers, leaders, and front-line workers to enable you to successfully build, manage, and thrive in your diverse organizations and work groups. This on-line resource is filled with articles and tools that address specific diversity concerns within your organization including: Cross-Cultural Mentoring, Building a Diverse and Inclusive team, Marketing in a Diverse Community, and many more. Over 100 tools and articles address specific, real-time issues that people face in organizations every day.

The Diversity Toolkit comes with a Situation Index that responds to particular circumstances and recommends approaches to dealing with them. For example, imagine that you have a concern because you are losing valuable employees of color. The Situation Index will lead you to the appropriate tools to help determine whether this is occurring because of specific individual challenges or larger organizational issues.

Cultural Communication Guide

The US is experiencing major demographic shifts that are changing the cultures of its citizenry. This new dynamic often requires communication between people with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Cook Ross’s Cultural Communication Guide identifies areas of distinctness among ethnic groups. It illuminates differences that can compromise trust and respect if invisible to the parties in communication. This densely packed Guide is the easy-to-use resource for fostering cross-cultural communication, increasing comfort with diverse cultural styles, and learning how to communicate in ways that are meaningful and inclusive.

Other Cook Ross products include our Diversity Systems Map™, which gives organizations a comprehensive, strategic, and systematic way to assess their diversity and inclusion work and how it ties into every aspect of an organization’s functioning; as well as custom training videos and on-line/web-based learning modules/trainings. For more information about these products contact Amri Johnson at 301-565-4035 or amri @

Special rates are available through May 31st with additional discounts available when multiple product purchases.

About Cook Ross
Cook Ross is one of the country's leading organizational change and diversity consultancies. Based in Silver Spring, Maryland for nearly 20 years, the company has provided cultural competency solutions through its training, consulting products and services. Cook Ross believes that cultural competency can be learned and developed and can lead to unprecedented growth and vastly improved productivity, morale, internal communication, leadership, and customer satisfaction. Cook Ross has developed CultureVision (, an online diversity tool for healthcare providers, and The Diversity Toolkit ( for exploring diversity and cultural competency in all settings. In helping organizations develop cultural competence, the company empowers employees with new sets of skills and awareness, enabling them to more effectively relate to customers and each other.

Since 1996, Cook Ross has grown capacity in the area of cultural competency across all industries. This growth, combined with many years of experience of delivering consulting and training, has led the firm to a systematic approach to cultural competency that focuses on organizational change. Experientially, the historical approach to teaching people about diversity and cultural awareness leaned towards finding fault and fixing all “the bad people”. While we agree that there are behaviors that are unacceptable and cannot be tolerated, our approach starts from the assumption that people want to do what is best for business, including behaving in a respectable manner. We create solutions that help organizations leverage both the top line (people) and the bottom line (profit) that translates into optimal performance, great customer service, and overall organizational excellence.    

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