Off Plan Property Web Site Announces Launch of Property Listings in France, Expanding World Wide Overseas Property Listing Coverage

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More and more people are adding international investment property to their property portfolios, and historically, off plan property purchases have provided excellent returns for many people in many countries. aims to become the leading web site aimed at those interested in buying off plan property, new build properties and renovated properties in the world wide property markets.

An off plan property Web site,, has announced the launch of property listings in France, which will expand its world wide overseas property listing coverage.

According to the Web site, ownership of property overseas by the British alone has grown over 50% since 2000. This represents an all time record of nearly 260,000 people who own a foreign property -usually in a cheaper and sunnier country.

Whilst Spain has historically been the most popular choice among the British and many other nationalities for buying property there is a growing interest in the emerging (and substantially less expensive) property markets around the world.

According to the Web site, France is, and always will be a very popular country. This is reflected in the massive amounts of tourism the country gets from Britain alone and the ever-increasing number of expats that set up their new lives in France. Off plan investors with money to spend could do a lot worse than France - the country is a classic choice for a reason. With a strong economy and stable political situation, things look rosy for anyone who would look into investment. As France is a dominant nation on the European scene, prices for property in France are comparatively high, especially in areas such as Paris and other large cities - it certainly isn't a country for any type of bargain hunter other than the one that has a lot of time to hunt!

Nevertheless, says the Web site, those that can afford it should certainly keep France at least near the top of their lists, and off plan investors looking more at stability than growth could do a lot worst than this wonderful country.

Paris, being the capital, is an expensive city to invest in French property. Prices are comparable with cities such as London and Berlin and off-plan opportunities aren't as forthcoming as one might hope. Even though this is the case, there is still a strong market in the area and whilst very rare, there will be opportunities for bargains.
French Property investment elsewhere in the country is just as recommended as the major cities, with each particular region of France offering it's own different reasons to draw your off plan eye. The South of France is especially popular for holiday homes and could prove a goldmine for those who have the means to obtain prime off plan property, new build or renovated French property.

To satisfy this growing interest in off plan property, new build and renovated property investment around the world, has been created to pull together the vast array of disparate information available on the Internet (and from other sources) into one coherent and easy to use portal. It is aimed purely at those interested in buying off plan property, new build and renovated properties around the world either for investment or holiday home purposes.

According to the site, more and more people are adding international investment property to their property portfolios and historically off plan property purchases have provided excellent returns for many people in many countries. This interest in overseas property investment has been fueled in recent years by low interest rates and stock market returns. In the UK the substantial increases in property values has also provided equity that is able now to be released allowing those that could previously not perhaps afford to purchase property abroad to do so.

All countries featured in have different reasons to invest ranging from pending or recent EU entry, the fact that it is an emerging holiday or tourist destination or simply because the economy is robust or is growing at a rate faster than more developed nations but, in almost every case, the property prices featured in this entire region still remain excellent value with great investment potential.

Some of the countries covered are relatively immature where foreigners have only been allowed to buy property very recently in their own name or in some cases by setting up a company incorporated in that country. Many have already witnessed something of a price explosion, increasing by anything up to 50% over the last two years. All the vital signs are that prices in the main will continue to as the world economy strengthens. Many countries profiled are experiencing large amounts of inward investment attracting interest in their property markets by both ex-pat businessmen and the local market as well who find that they themselves have become wealthier as a result, combined with the low cost of living that exists in many of the locations covered and the emergence of a stable mortgage market.

The advantage of buying property off plan, says the site, is that the build cycle can be anything up to two years and with staged payments over the period. The expectation that property prices will continue to grow combined with the lower deposits initially required with buying off plan property affords the buyer less initial risk and the opportunity to, if required, sell on either before or after completion at a higher price. is owned and operated by Off Plan International Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Balkan Holdings plc which in turn is a holding company with diverse business interests in Eastern and Central Europe. Balkan Holdings plc are also the owners of My Bulgaria Ltd who operate the hugely successful site aimed at those buying, or thinking of buying, property for sale in Bulgaria and the Romanian Property portal

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