Just One Year Old, SchoolsGalore.com is a Huge Player

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"SchoolsGalore.com continues to make huge strides with its SEO efforts, resulting in a 100% traffic increase in just 4 months!"

We have reset the bar, and expect a minimum of 30,000 unique visitors a month within the next 60 to 90 days

After the first year, most websites are still toddling around trying to get their balance, while SchoolsGalore.com has taken huge strides in the world of search engine placement. With zero paid listings on any major search engines (such as Google or Yahoo), the SchoolsGalore.com SEO team is observing their first anniversary by celebrating the placement of literally hundreds of organic search terms and 20,000 unique visitors monthly. This represents a 100% traffic increase in just the past four months.

SchoolsGalore.com is an education-related website owned by Media Positive Communications, Inc., a group of Internet marketing experts and SEO specialists. Media Positive Communications' CEO, Michael O. Brickell, said the SchoolsGalore.com team won't miss a beat as they continue working on the next challenge. "We have reset the bar, and expect a minimum of 30,000 unique visitors a month within the next 60 to 90 days," said Brickell.

Brickell's prediction may seem fantastical, but it is based on the number of solid page one and two rankings SchoolsGalore.com already has on Yahoo and Google for many optimized school-related search phrases such as: business, MBA, doctorate programs,
natural healing schools, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, and online schools, just to name a few.

Other website developers who have been exerting major SEO efforts and gaining little ground may wonder why SchoolsGalore.com is taking the Internet by storm while similar websites are being left in the dust. Well, the answer to that question is a white hat trade secret, according to Brickell. But, he will say this much, "You have to live, breathe and eat Internet marketing; and not just five days a week, 9-5, but every day, all day."

Brickell is a man who takes his own advice. He spends every waking moment researching keywords and key phrases, and analyzing their rankings on Yahoo, MSN, Google and other major search engines. He will test how a single key word or key phrase ranks one way, and then another way and another, until he is absolutely positive he has chosen the best optimization strategy for that particular word. So, okay, that's one word down; now on to the next word, and the next, and the next. Then, tomorrow, he starts all over again.

The field of SEO is more of an art than it is an exact science, and it is vitally important to stay at the top of the information chain. The simple act of taking misinformation for fact, or of misunderstanding good information, can quickly make a website stall and even fall in the search engine rankings. Last year's model is no longer today's paradigm, and the use of stale, outmoded techniques can spell death in today's competitive world of SEO.

Media Positive Communications credits their success to the use of cutting-edge SEO techniques combined with an aggressive bull-dog approach. Each morning, the SchoolsGalore staff learns of Brickell's strategy for the day, and he delegates specific projects to each worker. Throughout the day, Brickell and his staff monitor the results and compile statistics and other information to formulate a new plan for the next day. It is this hard-hitting persistence makes the difference between a ho-hum website and one that will beat all odds.

SchoolsGalore.com is not the first of Brickell's websites to sail to the top of the search engines in record time. In 2002, Media Positive Communications, Inc. began developing an online portal for natural healing called HolisticJunction. For the next few years, Brickell and his team concentrated on building the website and honing their SEO techniques. By the time HolisticJunction was sold in January 2006, it was generating more than 40,000 unique visitors every month with no paid advertising.

SchoolsGalore.com is an educational resource for both students and schools of all kinds, offering higher education and training in hundreds of various certificate and degree programs. The site is already partnered with more than 1,500 campuses nationwide, and the SchoolsGalore.com team continues to add more schools every day. The number of U.S. campuses is expected to hit the 4,500 mark by December 2007, and by March of 2008, SchoolsGalore.com is expected to host thousands of international schools as well. Additionally, the site is currently undergoing some major design changes to improve the user experience, with the final completion and launch date expected in May 2007.

Without a doubt, SchoolsGalore.com continues to be the leader in education for prospective students searching for quality schools, as well as for school advertising agencies who recognize the tremendous advantages of listing their client schools with SchoolsGalore. And, you can take that to the bank.

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