Young Adult Book Sparks Imagination While Providing Positive Role Models

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Michael Bialys' fantasy novel "The Chronicles of the Virago: Book 1 The Novus" is an extraordinary coming-of-age tale featuring a friendly main character to whom preteens will easily relate.

At some point in their lives, most children have to deal with the challenge of welcoming new siblings into their family. This familiar scenario is the premise of Michael Bialys' exciting fantasy novel, "The Chronicles of the Virago: Book 1 The Novus" (ISBN 1424133653, PublishAmerica, 2006). However, the plotline quickly sweeps readers into a contemporary fantasy, far from the familiar circumstances of our ordinary lives.

"The Chronicles of the Virago" begins with Makenna, a normal 12-year-old girl, who is suddenly charged with the enormous responsibility of protecting her newborn twin brother and sister, who she has been told will be the hope for the world's future. This knowledge is imparted on Makenna by three faeries, Bree, Dee and Marigold, who serve as guides through her adventures against the forces of evil that seek to destroy her young siblings. Her new role as their protector and defender earns her the title of "Virago."

As the Virago, Makenna is given the Armasword, an ancient weapon to use against villains like Sir Seaton and his henchwoman Ms. Creante. By using humor and irony in situations and names, such as "Ms. Creante"--a take-off on the word, "miscreant"--Bialys cleverly manages to keep strong themes of good and evil on a level that is both entertaining and appealing to children.

Makenna's character is one that young readers can look up to and learn from. "She has an admirably big heart and sympathetic nature that help her wield her weapon and powers responsibly," explains Bialys. The inspiration for Makenna actually came from Bialys' own daughter of the same name.

"I began writing the book as a short story and tribute to my daughter who was so helpful in helping with her new baby brother and sister," Bialys says. "The demands of two new babies in the house took a lot of attention from Makenna and I wanted to give her something to let her know how special she was to her mother and I."

"The Chronicles of the Virago" have since become much more than a short story, with a second novel in the works, due out by the end of 2008. One of the most famous characters in modern literature will make a special guest appearance in the second book.

Michael Bialys was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California with his wife and three children. He holds degrees from both the University of Toronto and Western State University College of Law, and currently practices law. "The Chronicles of the Virago: Book 1 The Novus" (ISBN 1424133653, PublishAmerica, 2006) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request.


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