Politics and Media: Who's 'Real' Winner of Latest Republican Debate?

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Charles Delvalle, senior market analyst for Investor's Daily Edge, analyzes the recent Republican debate, viewer sentiment polls, and Ron Paul.

Charles Delvalle, senior market analyst for Investor's Daily Edge, analyzes the recent Republican debate, viewer sentiment polls, and Ron Paul.

During the Republican debate, most people who tuned in wanted to see how well McCain, Giuliani, and Romney would do. But there was a shocking standout. And viewers showed their love for him by calling him the winner in subsequent ABC and MSNBC online polls. That person is Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is considered a libertarian. He advocates a smaller government, lower taxes, abolishment of the IRS and the income tax, he's against unbacked currency, and most importantly, opposed the Iraq war from the beginning.

According to Charles Delvalle, senior market analyst of Investor's daily Edge, "He's the type of person advocates of a free market love, while representing everything politicians hate."

Delvalle adds, "American politicians do well by listening to lobbyists … Now, if you're a politician who's against government spending, lobbyists won't cozy up to you. And this is where Ron Paul finds himself."

After the debate, articles on CNN and MSNBC declared either McCain or Romney the winner.

Delvalle observes, "How on God's green earth did they come to that conclusion? It's pretty clear that the MSNBC poll and ABC Poll showed that viewers considered Ron Paul the winner." He adds "Perhaps they came to the conclusion that Ron Paul would never support their interests. Now granted, I don't know that Ron Paul could ever win the Republican nomination against social conservatives like Romney, but the blatant deceit these news organizations are practicing when it comes to American politics is downright disheartening. If politics isn't sacred ground, then what is?"

According to Delvalle, several reasons could have contributed to the discrepancy, "In this instance, the misrepresentation happened because the reporter really didn't understand what he was looking at. Or maybe the market was bullish at the time, so he wrote a report to support the bull market. Another reason why some of these numbers are twisted is simply due to laziness."

"When it comes to the media, there are no sacred cows," Delvalle adds, "So keep a wary eye on what you see and dig deep to discover the truth."

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