tranquileyes™ from Eye Eco Now Available in the UK

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The Real Heat Pack Company Ltd is pleased to announce the arrival in the UK of the Eye Eco range of tranquileyes Eye Hydrating Therapy products. Having been working together on the Thermoeyes Heat Pack for the tranquileyes product, the 2 companies have decided to work together to bring the Eye Eco range to the UK. tranquileyes have already been used by customers in the UK, with great success. Now they can buy direct from the sole UK distributor at

tranquileyes Eye Hydrating Therapy is a proven, revolutionary system for naturally creating therapeutic environments for the cornea and the sensitive surrounding skin.

Our warm water therapy soothes and relieves eyes of dryness and fatigue resulting from normal aging, lifestyle and environmental conditions such as contact lens wear, computer use, air travel, allergies, LASIK and medical conditions such as Sjogren's syndrome.

Use our proven system to:

  •     rejuvenate dry, tired eyes
  •     moisturize skin surrounding eyes
  •     relieve migraine and sinus headaches
  •     improve quality of rest and sleep
  •     offset symptoms of jet-lag
  •     reduce eye puffiness

Eye Cover
tranquileyes have beautifully-sculpted, anatomically designed eye covers that are made from medical grade, flexible rubber material that is FDA approved. The eye covers seal only the area required to hydrate the eyes delivering complete darkness and exceptional comfort. The eye covers rest on your orbital bones, thereby avoiding any restriction of blood flow to vital arteries above the nose and unnecessary pressure on the sensitive blood vessels under the eye.

Eye Cushions
Each eye cover features a comfortable eye cushion that is fabric lined and made from visco-elastic foam. The foam is specially designed to form to the face when warmed by body heat and provides increased comfort while creating a complete seal to the orbital area. This seal helps to control the temperature and humidity around the eye area.

Moisture Pads
Placed in each eye cover is a small pillow of the same fabric-lined, visco-elastic foam, called a moisture pad. The moisture pads are designed to be removed from the eye cover and placed in warm or cold water. Warm water moisturizes eyes and surrounding eye area, cold water reduces puffiness. After the moisture pads have soaked in water for 30 seconds, they are gently rung out, and then placed back in the eye covers prior to wear.

Head Wrap
A uniquely designed comfort wrap holds the eye covers in place and the stretch fabric ensures no pinching, even with extended wear. The comfort wrap is easily adjusted with two specially designed sliders, to ensure a custom fit and complete seal of the tranquileyes to the eye area.

The Results:
By comfortably sealing the area around the eye, and introducing heat and moisture, tranquileyes effectively increases humidity, creating a moisture chamber around the eye, which prevents the evaporation of tears, and keeps the entire eye area moist.

The therapeutic benefit of tranquileyes is cumulative and can extend well beyond the period of use. In as little as 20 minutes of wearing tranquileyes, you can relieve the symptoms of dry eye with a natural, drug-free hydration method. For the best results, use tranquileyes daily for at least two weeks.

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