Avast, Hot Pirate Babes Hoists Their Own Flag, The Molly Roger

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Chinese pirate photographer Tiger Lee has designed the female piracy symbol. Lee created the Molly Roger for his Hot Pirate Babe Calendar. While there have been women pirates through the ages, now they have their own product line.

Throughout history women pirates have had a voice on the ocean, it's time for them to have one in the market place, arrr!

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300 years after it's first appearance, the feared Jolly Roger, has met it's match in a strong yet sexy female version, the Molly Rogers.

Pirate photographer Tiger Lee, creator of the Hot Pirate Babe calendar, says, "When I created the Hot Pirate Babes calendar, I realized women are as interested in pirates as men. I wanted a female pirate symbol for the logo. Since there was none, I created the Molly Roger. This feminine pirate image proved to be so popular with my customers that we went on to fashion an entire product line after her, including shirts, flags, stickers, temporary tattoos and jewelry."

Tiger, whose professional pirate persona is 17th century Chinese buccaneer, says, "With the popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the market for all things pirate is hot. But everywhere you look, you'll see the same tired symbols used over and over again on flags, tee-shirts and trinkets. Real pirates were an innovative lot, adapting to new situations in creative ways." With a smile and a growl he adds, "Arrr, n' that's the way I aims to keep it with all me photos n' products, bucko!"

The Molly Roger product line takes tired old phrases like "Surrender the Booty" converted to fresh female sayings like "I don't give up the booty with a fight." Pirate portraits he created to grace the Hot Pirate Babes calendar are a unique blend of photography and digital magic.

As long as there have been pirates, there have been female pirates. Famous figures range from Queen Artemisia of Halicarnassus (Modern Day Greece) in 480 B.C, and Grace O'Malley the Pirate Queen of Connemara (Ireland) with her 3 galleries and 200 men in the 16th Century, to the famous pair of Anne Bonny and Mary Read, who sailed with Calico Jack Rackham in the 17th Century. In fact, the most powerful pirate ever was a woman. Cheng I Sao commanded 800 large junks and 70,000 pirates in the South China Sea around the 19th Century. Chow Yun-Fat's character Sao Feng in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is based on the legendary Cheung Po Tsai, who was the adopted son and husband of Cheng I Sao.

"Throughout history women pirates have had a voice on the ocean, it's time for them to have one in the market place, arrr!" says Lee.

About Tiger Lee
Tiger Lee runs an Old Time Dress Like a Pirate Photo Booth that travels to numerous pirate events where he magically transforms common folk into fierce pirates and sexy wenches. Pirates Magazine featured Lee in an 8-page cover story. He is the winner of two Photoshop Guru Awards and is the creator of the Babe with Blades & Hot Pirate Babe calendar.

Tiger Lee, Pirate Photographer
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