CORT Petroleum Investments, JP Exploration and Berry Resources Pass Acuity's Rigorous LEVEL3 Investigation

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CORT Petroleum Investments, Berry Resources and JP Exploration were the only 3 oil and gas firms, out of 14 researched, that "passed" Acuity Investigations rigorous LEVEL3 background investigation.

CORT Petroleum Investments based in Dallas, Texas, Berry Resources based in Bowling Green, Kentucky and JP Exploration based in Denver, Colorado were the only 3 oil and gas firms, out of 14 researched, that "passed" Acuity Investigations rigorous LEVEL3 background investigation.

Bruce Martin, Acuity's Founder and C.O.O. stated, "The list is fairly short but, we expected that it would be, as our LEVEL3 research process is the most detailed and comprehensive you will find anywhere in the Country. It consists of: 10 year criminal history report on all decision making executives, 10 year nationwide search for any and all civil cases or court orders filed against the company or principles of the company; identity confirmation on all personnel involved in the offering; evaluation of current project(s); research on past projects and their success or lack thereof; 10 year past residence verification; 10 year contact phone numbers verifications; reference interviews; 10 year financial profile; claimed asset investigation/verification and finally, we execute a complete evaluation on their current project(s) so we are able to speak to our clients about details of the project(s) from a position of knowledge. Believe it or not, we are considering adding a few other areas of interest in the very near future."

These firms will continue forward in the LEVEL3 program process and be added to Acuity's DEVIL DOG Database. The DEVIL DOG has information on all LEVEL3 approved oil and gas firms. The Database is accessed by Acuity's clientele which consists of; accredited and active oil and gas investors seeking projects in the oil and gas arena.

Richard Waskom, President of CORT Petroleum Investments in Dallas, Texas stated, "We are very excited to have the opportunity to build our relationship with Acuity and Mr. Martin. Acuity has a very tough and arduous process in place for firms like ours to go through but, we knew we would be okay. Todd Crosby and I have been kicking around this town and this industry long enough to have established a pretty good reputation as, people that do what they say they will do and have a knack for finding the oil and gas our investors are seeking."

Mr. Crosby, CEO of CORT Petroleum added, "Having Acuity identify and acknowledge CORT Petroleum Investments as deserving of the LEVEL3 approval only further substantiates the fact that, although a young firm, Richard and I have tons of experience and success in this industry. I am looking forward to placing Acuity's LEVEL3 logo on our website and company literature so everyone will know that they are dealing with a top notch firm that is to be taken quite serious when they are considering investing hard earned funds into oil and gas exploration projects."

JP Exploration in Denver stated that, they are also very excited and look forward to speaking to investors out there that want to team up with an experienced and honest firm that knows how to find oil and gas.

Ralph Berry, CEO of Berry Resources, based out of Bowling Green, Kentucky, stated, "We have several great projects that are currently producing for other clients and this recent LEVEL3 approval should allow us the nationwide attention we have been seeking as a reputable and successful oil and gas exploration firm. To become LEVEL3 approved you also must have had recent success in finding and extracting oil or gas. We like this part because, although we are a small firm, we have much talent in our engineering department and their constant success allows us to compete with the bigger boys in this business. We look forward to building this new relationship with Acuity and watching for any additional guidelines they put into place that further weeds out the crooks in this industry."

Martin stated, "These firms were very patient with this process and we are appreciative. Sometimes it gets a little confusing to folks involved in this process as to why we are executing such a serious research process. It becomes very clear, very soon to all involved that, Acuity's primary interest is to protect our client's investment interests from dishonest people and the firms that they operate...period. Our mission statement says it all..."Our primary interest is to protect yours!"

Bruce S. Martin is Acuity's Founder and Chief Operations Officer. He may be reached at Acuity Investor Relations corporate offices: 888.583.9233 extension 704, http://www.bmartin @, http://www.bmartin @

Watch for Mr. Martin's interview on CNBC's financial segment hosted by former U.S. Secretary of State Alexander Haig.


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