G & G Holistic Addiction Treatment, Inc. Opens New 62-Bed Facility

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South Florida drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and addiction treatment program offers a breakthrough holistic substance abuse treatment program.

South Florida drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and addiction treatment program offers a breakthrough holistic substance abuse treatment program. A few years ago, two men with first-hand knowledge of addiction, did just that. They made a commitment to make a difference in the field of addiction treatment and the lives of those affected.

John Giordano and Jerry Goldfarb are partners of G & G Holistic Addiction Treatment, Inc. which recently opened its new 62-bed addition treatment facility in North Miami Beach. JCAHO accredited in 2006, the drug rehab is one of the first treatment centers to offer a holistic approach to recovery. All client treatment plans include yoga, spa therapies, massage, acupuncture, karate, meditation, 12-step meetings and faith-based services.

The 62-bed residential campus provides a home-like atmosphere for clients. Fashionably decorated 2-bedroom apartments provide a comfortable, shared environment where they learn life skills, eat and engage in daily reading or homework assignments. Meals are prepared by a gourmet chef under the guidance of a licensed dietician, the program director and medical director.

"Addicts do a terrible job of taking care of themselves and a balanced, nutritional meal program is an important element of recovery," says Giordano. Included in each treatment plan are consultations with the dietitian who helps clients deal with eating disorders, caffeine and sugar withdrawals as well as specific dietary requirements; all of which can be key issues in relapse prevention.

Administration, group, medical and therapeutic services are housed in the 9,800 square-foot building marked "Holistic Center" located at the corner of 15th and 162nd streets. Eclectic in decor, the administration building provides incoming clients and families with an understanding that the center is not a typical, sterile and clinical environment. The spiritual influence in the program is immediately visible with the calming sounds of the indoor atrium and fountain.

"Each of our buildings was designed to create a different atmosphere," says Giordano. "Consideration was given to the services provided in each area along with what would meet the comfort level of our clients and working needs of our employees." Individuals who are in early recovery can have difficulty maintaining focus and many of the clients may also be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. With this in mind, the group therapy building is separate from other traffic areas and the interior décor has few visual or auditory distracters.

Individual therapy is provided in the clinical services building. Treatment plans include the traditional individual and family counseling. However, in keeping with the agency's commitment toward progressive therapies, clients may also engage in hypnotherapy, EMDR, meditation, mindfulness and faith-based therapies. To augment the mental therapies, the center has aligned with the on-sight day-spa, The Healing Center. Here, clients may receive a variety of physical and spiritual healing therapies including massage, colon-hydrotherapy, acupuncture, Reiki and cold-laser therapy for smoking cessation.

Valery Ireland, Healing Center Manager says, "Our services and products are an integral part of the holistic healing approach. Most recently, the Healing Center has added ion-therapy to its service line. Studies have shown there appears to be a connection between ions and mood levels. Long touted in the pop literature as a mood enhancer, it was not until the 1990's that this environmental factor was evaluated for antidepressant properties.

Treatment starts before the client ever arrives at the Holistic Center. A staff of trained interventionists works with individuals and prospective client families to start the healing process. A call to the agency's intervention center puts a team in motion. Families are coached and supported by a member of the intervention team as to the best approach to treatment. When necessary, an intervention plan is developed.

Assistance is provided with transportation plans, arrival and insurance approval. In some cases, a staff member may be dispatched to support the incoming client and assist with their arrival. Those individuals capable of flying alone will be greeted at the airport by a staff member. New clients may be escorted to the detoxing facility or the center depending on substance abuse or withdrawal symptoms.

Many of the employees at the G & G Holistic have succeeded in their own recovery from addiction and personally know the fear, anxiety and physical challenges new clients may be experiencing. Ask one and the overall response will be, "I just didn't value myself and I had no passion for anything in life. My addiction became all consuming." Clients who commence the program often gain a passion for life and recovery. Many continue in the life-time aftercare and volunteer to help new comers.

When asked about the agency success rate, John Giordano replies, "Our success rate is very high. However, like the story of the man who finds star fish washed up on the beach. There are thousands, but he persists in tossing them back into the ocean one by one."

The center's reputation for treatment has reached national attention, having partnered with the nationally televised program, "Intervention." John Giordano, the agency President is internationally known as a karate champion. A published author, his reputation as an addiction expert has gained recognition from Geraldo Rivera, Tom Brokaw and various news programs.

For more information see http://www.drugrehabcenter.com or call 800-559-9503.


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