European Muscle Builder Finds Home in USA

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New muscle builder and endurance supplement developed in Europe is available for the first time in the USA, Denver-based Zupplements announced today.

The new muscle builder now being imported into the USA, is sneaking its way in to more and more gyms across America. With its obviously potent name, TestoXterone is a male hormone-boosting muscle builder with an emphasis on oxygen utilization.

In general, TestoXterone is a steroid alternative from Spain that is designed to work by increasing the natural production of testosterone while simultaneously raising the users' blood oxygen saturation level. The unique process, which works through the same natural pathways that your body already uses, has been determined safe by users.

"Increasing levels of testosterone through natural pathways can significantly reduce the occurrence of negative side effects," says Red X Labs researcher, Duncan Chase. "Specifically reducing effects that are related to the inhibition of the testosterone production cycle."

Fortunately, this unique supplement is one of the few that fall through a regulation loophole that allows its sale in the USA without the approval of the FDA. "It's amazing how creative some of these supplement companies are getting," continues Chase. "The active component is only found in the Himalayan mountains high above Tibet making it exceptionally difficult to cultivate and expensive to import."

TestoXterone is not just for bodybuilders. In fact, it was originally used to enhance endurance training overseas and has just recently been discovered by bodybuilders. "A product like this can help you train harder and recruit more muscle fibers during the final, most difficult stages of your workouts without falling victim to fatigue," explains Chase.

This is important because according to many bodybuilding experts, next to a clean high protein diet, volume training is what leads to muscle growth more than anything else. But the truth is, most bodybuilders don't have the stamina it takes to get into the most important phases of an effective muscle building routine.

TestoXterone may also be beneficial to other performance athletes as well. Football, baseball, and basketball players and the like may look to TestoXterone to improve their strength and endurance in the last moments of the game.

"The initial findings look outstanding. However, it is a new product so we don't have much customer feedback to go on. Not to mention, it is incredibly expensive. As we learn more about this product and its effects, we will be sure to let the public know. If it catches on like we expect it to, we are looking at a product growth curve of epidemic proportions. Seriously, this stuff is strong!" says Chase.

TestoXterone was developed for healthy male adults. Side effects can occur with abuse and therefore this product should only be used while under a doctor's strict supervision. You must be 18 or older to purchase. Currently, TestoXterone is only found in select gyms across America and online at specializes in Select, Proven Bodybuilding Supplements and Steroids Alternatives. For more information about TestoXterone and other unique imports, call toll free 1-888-987-7748.


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