Scarless Laser Breast Lift: New, One-of-a-Kind Cosmetic Surgery

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Marcia Byrd, M.D. was the first in Atlanta to use the new laser-tipped Smartlipo™. Now, she has developed a new method to lift sagging breasts. Her technique? Dr. Byrd combined two other top technologies, Thermage™ and Quill Threads® along with the Smartlipo™ to create the Scarless Laser Breast Lift -- a breast lift without scars.

One of my friends noticed the change and said my breasts looked 'perky.'

Marcia Byrd, M.D., the female cosmetic surgeon at the all-women Byrd Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center, knows that as women grow older and complete their families, they often want correction of sagging breasts. So Dr. Byrd has created a new procedure, the Scarless Laser Breast Lift.

Breast Lift

It's a sad fact of nature that pregnancy and aging are hard on the female figure. But, for the first time, Dr. Byrd can rectify sagging breasts by bringing together a special combination of leading technologies that result in her Scarless Laser Breast Lift.

A breast lift, technically known as a mastopexy, typically leaves long scars on both breasts. Large swaths of skin must also be removed before the breasts can be repositioned higher. Healing time can be long while the scars fade slowly -- if at all.

But Dr. Byrd thought of a better way; one that requires no skin removal, incisions or scars.

Because Dr. Byrd was the first plastic surgeon in the Atlanta area to use the new laser-based Smartlipo™ system, she knew how quickly and easily it can remove fatty tissue. Moreover, the incision for a Smartlipo procedure is only about one to two millimeters wide. (Put two or three periods at the end of this sentence together and you'll have one millimeter.)


"I insert the tiny Smartlipo™ treatment wand that ruptures fat cells with laser energy," says Dr. Byrd. "Thanks to the bright laser light, I can see where the tip is moving under the skin. Then, I use a regular suction wand to remove the melted fat. That allows me to immediately see and tailor the results of the breast sculpting."

Dr. Byrd also has at her fingertips, Thermage™, a noninvasive radio frequency device that heats and tightens the lower layers of skin to create better skin tone and texture.


The improvements continue over the next four to six months because the heat from the Thermage™ stimulates a type of supportive and connective tissue known as collagen, which lies just under the outermost layer of skin. When collagen breaks down, it allows skin to slacken, causing wrinkles, lines and folds to appear. But when collagen grows, your skin plumps up once more and looks smoother and younger. Unlike a laser, Thermage™ works on all skin types and colors with no downtime needed for healing.


Thus, the Smartlipo™ removes excess fat while Thermage™ tightens the existing skin. But what could the doctor do to lift the breasts to a more upright position? Again, the solution was found in her practice.

Special surgical threads -- known as Quill Threads® -- are inserted through small punctures near the nipple and extended up towards the shoulder bones. Quill threads are designed to lift tissues to help bring the breasts back to a higher position. Even more collagen grows around the threads and helps the breasts remain in a higher, more upright position.

A typical patient, Kim, is a 34-year-old medical assistant living in the Atlanta area. She noticed after the birth of her third child that her breasts were sagging to such an extent that she had to wear a special push-up bra. Kim, who asked to remain anonymous, had the Scarless Laser Breast Lift procedure three months ago.

Breast Lift Surgery

"I just had a special weekend where I wore a cute strap tank top -- without the bulky pushup bra," Kim says. "One of my friends noticed the change and said my breasts looked 'perky.'"

Adds Dr. Byrd: "Anytime a surgeon combines one or two procedures to enhance one body part, the results are exceptional. Combining three procedures to create the Scarless Laser Breast Lift creates exponential changes."

Full results of the Scarless Laser Breast Lift can be seen in three to six months because both Smartlipo™ and Thermage™ cause welcome changes under the skin that continue working for many months.

Women who can benefit from the new Scarless Laser Breast Lift have small to medium cup sizes and mild to moderate sagging.

"Typical patients who would be right for a Scarless Laser Breast Lift range in age from the 30s to mid-50s." says Dr. Byrd. "The procedure is especially good after having several babies, losing a lot of weight, or for women who have unsymmetrical breasts."

Dr. Byrd is also expert in delivering Fraxel laser; Erbium laser resurfacing; FAMI (Facial Autograft Muscle Injection) and Bio-identical hormones.


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