LinksManager™ Debuts Browser Toolbar For Facilitating Ethical Link Exchange

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Time saving link exchange toolbar revolutionizes reciprocal linking among websites.

Creative Net Ventures, Inc. (CNVI), parent company of LinksManager, the world's only patented internet link-management application service, today announced release of the webmaster industry's first integrated link exchange browser based toolbar for initiating reciprocal link requests and performing a suite of other link-management tasks directly from a web browser.

"The new LinksManager Link Exchange Toolbar is all about conserving time, the most non-renewable resource any website operator has," said CNVI CEO Joel Lesser. "The toolbar enables Webmasters to initiate ethical, relevant, reciprocal links right from their web browsers. It eliminates all the wasted real time and mental motion involved in leaving the browser, going to a control panel or other piece of software, selecting or writing a link-request, and cutting-and-pasted the URL of the site they're requesting the link from into an email program."

"By taking the drudgery out of the link exchange process, webmasters have more time to browse sites and evaluate their quality and suitability as potential link partners," Lesser added. "LinksManager has always been about more than simply making linking easier. What LinksManager really does is help webmasters conduct link development campaigns that work better for everyone -- site operators and webmasters, end users, and search-engine algorithms."

"The LinksManager Link Exchange Toolbar is our latest step toward being able to offer an ethical, effective, near-plug-and-play linking solution." Lesser also noted that the new Toolbar, a free value-add for all current and future LinksManager subscribers, is particularly useful for new and inexperienced web entrepreneurs who build and maintain their own sites.

"A lot of people trying to make a living on the web are very sophisticated about their own trade, but more than a little innocent about search-engine standards and practices," he said. "Many are attracted to ads promoting simplistic 'miracle' search-engine optimization services like 'black-hat' full duplex linking schemes. When the engines crack down, these small operators, who never meant to do anything unethical, get hammered along with the real, willful search engine spammers."

"With the LinksManager Toolbar, we've embedding functions like sending a custom link request and editing links directly into Internet Explorer -- the one piece of software virtually everyone knows how to use. This substantially simplifies the link management and acquisition process and will hopefully encourage unsophisticated users to take the time they're saving and apply it to making more thoughtful and effective editorial-based linking decisions."

In addition to allowing LinksManager subscribers to send customized link exchange requests from the web browser via the user's standard e-mail client without accessing the LinksManager Control Panel, the initial Toolbar release displays the number of pending links in the user's LinksManager account, checks whether a site being surfed is a current link partner, allows instant modification of a partner's link, and provides hot-key access to the LinksManager Knowledgebase and Blog.
Additional features will be added to subsequent versions based on user requests.

The Link Exchange Toolbar was developed using secure-software best practices and contains no adware, spyware, or other application pollutants. A free, fully functional 30-day trial of LinksManager and the LinksManager Toolbar is available only at

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