Alternative Medicine Breakthrough Answers the Growing Need for Self-Care

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TheDOVE, a new breakthrough in self-treatment, helps meet the growing demand for alternative health treatments with SCENAR technology.

TheDOVE is safe and effective for anyone and makes a perfect health companion 'on-the-go'

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With health care costs on the rise, more people are looking to their medicine cabinets to save them a visit to the doctor. Over one-third of adults in North America have pursued some form of alternative treatments, according to the American Institute of Medicine's recent report on Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

A new technology called SCENAR has been developed to meet the growing demand for alternative home treatments. Originally designed for the Russian space program, this technology is now available to the public as TheDOVE healing device. Some medical professionals hope SCENAR will enable people to overcome many ailments without the need for a physician.

"Anyone can be trained to use this non-invasive biofeedback tool," said Dr. Irina Kossovskaia, founder of Transformational Health Coaching Program and MediSCEN. "I have often recommended TheDOVE for self-treatment as it treats pain and illness quickly and efficiently, and it's safe even for children and pregnant women."

The SCENAR was designed for Russian astronauts to be a comprehensive assessment and treatment tool. The technology works by stimulating and directing the body's natural healing mechanisms through biofeedback. It has been successfully used by medical professionals around the world to treat everything from simple bruises to chronic systemic illnesses.

"Conventional medical treatments may combat disease or relieve symptoms, but they often suppress the body's natural defense and immune response," said Kossovskaia. "TheDOVE treats pain and illness without the side effects that often come from pharmaceutical and surgical interventions.

"The body is the best doctor around already. It is designed to heal itself of most ailments if given enough time and support. TheDOVE stimulates this process."

Designed to be automatic, the cell phone-sized device does not require extensive training, unlike most medical technologies.

"TheDOVE is safe and effective for anyone and makes a perfect health companion 'on-the-go'," said Kossovskaia. "I recommend it for home use or for clinics that specialize in pain management."

Alternative medicine clinics that use TheDOVE report high rates of success and satisfaction. According to Richard Zapata, licensed massage therapist and SCENAR practitioner, SCENAR has helped his patients overcome injuries and diseases that traditional medicine could not cure.

"I have been a successful therapist for 42 years and wish I had known about the world of frequency medicine a long time ago," said Zapata. "It is a great privilege to be able to help those who come to me, especially after going to so many other therapists and physicians with little results."

For more information about TheDOVE and SCENAR technology, or to add TheDOVE to your medicine cabinet, visit today.

About The Dove
TheDOVE is SCENAR technology at its finest. A universal health assistant that is user-friendly and cell phone-sized, TheDOVE is reliable and highly effective. It's compatible with other treatments and works with all models of remote SCENAR probes. It's simple enough for home use and safe even for children and pregnant women.

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