Worst-ever US Flood Projected in Florida ... The Okeechobee Breach Disaster

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Florida flooding from the breach of Lake Okeechobee is now probable and will be massive, extending from Palm Beach to Miami, new report says. Loss of life and property will be much greater than Katrina. The Okeechobee Breach Disaster Report explains the causes, effects, and makes recommendations for residents and economic stakeholders. Extensive supporting documentation has been assembled from the US Army Corps, USGS and the news media. 4,000 pages plus maps, videos and images are included on an accompanying CD ROM.

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A major new report describes what will probably be the worst disaster in US history: the imminent breach of the Lake Okeechobee dike. According to new projections from the US Army Corps of Engineers [USACE] in June, 2007, a breach would cause flooding from Palm Beach County to Miami. Per the Corps: "... a failure could be devastating, resulting in human suffering, loss of life, immense property damage (including residential and agricultural) and destruction of the natural habitat." The breach may happen this hurricane season and the overall odds of a breach are 50% within 3 years and a virtual certainty within 5-7 years.

Lake Okeechobee is 730 square miles, with a 4,000 square mile watershed, and the second largest lake in the continental United States. It is surrounded by the 35 foot high Herbert Hoover Dike that is seriously in need of nearly $1 billion [USD] in repairs. Corrective action is not being funded. Even if and when funded, repairs will take over a decade. The Breach Report, based on official government sources, presents detailed analyses of what will happen and why. The Report concludes that damage will be ten times that of Katrina, or approaching one trillion dollars, and the loss of life could be more than 100,000.

The Breach need not be caused by a hurricane. Lake levels are currently low and a breach is temporarily under the news and jurisdictional radar. The current concern is drinking water and irrigation for agriculture. However, one single, wet tropical storm can flood thousands of square miles this hurricane season within weeks of this release! A breach would sever essential road, rail, power and communications to five million people for months. The portion of the dike that is at greatest risk is "directed" at West Palm Beach. Advanced warning may be less than an hour and FEMA will not be able to cope with the aftermath. The Report includes suggestions for South Florida residents that will facilitate evacuation under unusual conditions. It may take months for Lake Okeechobee to reach equilibrium following a dike failure!

The USACE has been handcuffed by politicians controlled by Floridian stakeholders like real estate, rock mining and sugar cane interests, who dominate the Water Management District Board. The Board was controlled for 8 years by Jeb Bush appointees and current Governor Crist has continued the legacy. Local politicians continue to be convicted for water and development-related frauds. The Breach Report details the business interests of the Water Mangement Board, identifies stakeholder groups and gives examples of their interlocking financial interests.

Consideration is also given to special problems that will result from the breach, e.g. What to do with the 40,000 inmates that are incarcerated in South Florida's penal system; What will happen when flammable tanks in the debris flow impact bridge columns supporting evacuation route overpasses; What will the condition of marine escape routes be; How can five million people be sustained and controlled for many months? What should be done with large roving bands of looters and marauders that will target North Florida?

The author is an internationally-recognized expert in marine remote sensing, but has written this important document in ordinary language. The targeted audience is non-technical, ranging from homeowners and law enforcement through reinsurance companies. The Report includes a CD ROM which includes thousands of supporting pages from dozens of government publications with maps, high-resolution images and relevant technical reports. It also includes videos of historical precedents of levee breaches and details the close similarities to damage caused by flowing tsunami debris plumes.

The Breach Report includes calls for federal action, including immediate funding for the USACE to implement solutions and for private enterprise to prepare for rescue and remediation efforts.

The Breach Report is the most definitive source available on the topic. Federal, state and local officials have only released cursory information, with much of it being false. This is urgent reading for anyone with an interest in Florida. The economic consequences of a breach are of world significance.

The Table of Contents and Introduction for the Okeechobee Breach Disaster Report are available as a free download as an attachment to this release and from the Report's website: vport.info.

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