High Gas Prices, Slashed For Consumers By GasMoneyToolbar.com

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A new online tool is reducing the pain of high gas prices for consumers, while improving the overall quality of the Internet. Filling up at the pumps is manageable with the use of the innovative free Gas Money Toolbar.

A new tool to offset high gas prices hits the Internet. A new website (http://www.GasMoneyToolbar.com), via TypoBounty.com, is taking the sting out of high gas prices for consumers. By allowing consumers to supplement their fuel budgets while helping to correct the Internet, the gas money toolbar is a popular choice for those consumers feeling the pinch of rising gas prices.

Users sign up for a free error hunter account and find and report errors for a shot at money to pay for gas. TypoBounty.com's business is to make the Internet an error free medium for information. To accomplish this goal, TypoBounty brings together a large number of web surfers to help hunt down these errors and report them. Advertisers can gain the benefit of all of the web surfers that converge on TypoBounty.com hunting an opportunity for gas money by finding and reporting Internet errors.

Gas Money Toolbar interfaces with the main website TypoBounty.com. TypoBounty.com is a cutting edge advertising venue with a mission to rid the Internet of human errors. Users are essentially proofreading the Internet for cash rewards. TypoBounty.com is where home based business, small business owners and large corporations offer cash rewards to those that can spot the errors on their web properties.

The businesses are focused on gaining web traffic and ridding their web properties of errors and mistakes such as misspelled words, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, missing graphics, broken links, bugs, lack of clarity etc. Some are even hunting for business suggestions. Since the advertiser's account is totally customizable, advertisers only ask for help where they need it and determine how much they will pay for it, even how many times they will pay for it.

Advertisers offer cash rewards to the first person that locates and reports the errors that exist on their web properties. As errors are eliminated, the advertiser's sales pitch is perfected.

"Eliminating all of the irritating errors that frustrate readers online on a daily basis is a large task. Everyone can help," says Ronald Winston.

Users of the Gas Money Toolbar are essentially filling up their gas tank via the mistakes of others.

TypoBounty.com is also an entertaining game for individuals that join the hunt. Users can compete against one another to see who can earn the most money for their help in proofreading the Internet. The Internet is a very large, ever growing, and regularly edited collection of websites, documents and pages. There are an almost infinite number of errors that exist online and they all need to be corrected in order for the Internet to reach its potential of a perfect source of information. To many web surfers, errors are intolerable. So here is their opportunity to do some thing about it. Being able to offer cash rewards for common errors is ideal for advertisers that want there websites read, not skimmed over.

With an average bounty offer of $2.00 per error, the money necessary for a tank of gas can be quickly earned.    

With the average cost of a tank of gas being $30 to $60 depending on the size of the consumer's fuel tank, this opportunity to off set this budget drain is a major event for many.

The average number of times that vehicle owners fill their tank is twice per week. This amount may seem small to some but to many households this is a significant hit on the their budget. $240 to $480 per month is just too much.

"I curb my travel plans habitually now," says Andy Worton. "I just can't afford not to keep a close eye on my fuel costs. Every dollar spent on gas, diverts money from some other area of my life."

For companies, the most intriguing part of using "error marketing" to gain web traffic is that it can be done through TypoBounty.com for a mere fraction of the cost of other advertising mediums. This low cost method is very appealing to small businesses and large businesses alike.

The users of the free gas money toolbar and claim their money right from their computer desktops.

Since TypoBounty.com has a comparing function, users of the Gas Money Toolbar can compete with other web surfers to see who can find the most errors and earn the most gas money. It is entertaining to use.

Adding to the gas money earning ability is the "claim a website" function of the toolbar. If the user notices an error on a website that is NOT currently advertising on http://www.TypoBounty.com, they can claim that website domain name in their account and then refer the website to TypoBounty.com. If the website owner begins advertising with TypoBounty.com within 1 months time, the user that referred them gets a 2 days head start finding, reporting and earning money for the errors.

The free Gas Money Toolbar via TypoBounty.com provides great benefits:

  • Gas Money For Consumers
  • Awesome Web Traffic For Web Property Owners
  • Great Insight For Marketers
  • Improved Content For Web Surfers
  • Entertainment For The Competitive Mind

If you are a websurfer, earn your gas money with the free GasMoneyToolbar.com.


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