Could Purses Be a Cause of Foodborne Illness?

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SecureKlip Keeps Bacteria-Ridden Purses off Tabletops, Helping California Restaurant Owners to Exceed Compliance with New Health and Safety Codes to Protect Consumers from Bacterial Cross-Contamination.

We found fecal bacteria you normally find on the floor of restrooms

New California laws went into effect on July 1st, 2007, to protect citizens from being subjected to incidences of bacterial cross-contamination. The new sections, 113700-114437, of California's Health and Safety Code specify criteria for retail food servers and their suppliers, to provide pure, safe and unadulterated food for consumers. Among other things, the new laws require restaurants to protect table settings and utensils where food is being served.

Not mentioned in California's new Health and Safety code or in similar codes for other states across the country, is how to protect consumers from the risk of cross-contamination from bacteria they or others may be bringing into the establishment from the outside, most notably on the bottoms of women's purses.

Could purses be a cause of foodborne illness? According to an August 2006 ABC News report by Elizabeth Leamy with nationally recognized microbiologist Dr. Chuck Gerba, "… purses are really becoming subways for micro-organisms." Gerba's research has focused on sources of organisms that can make us sick, and he has found that germs collect on the outside of a woman's purse, especially the bottom.

Enter SecureKlip: The new answer to the age-old question, "Where do I put my purse?" SecureKlip is a patent-pending, molded plastic device that attaches under tables and bars to offer patrons of restaurants, bars and other foodservice establishments a place to hang their purse. With current options generally limited to tabletops, floors or the backs of chairs, SecureKlip with its unique theft-deterrent retention tip offers a new, convenient alternative to keep purses close, safe and secure.

Safety does not refer only to theft, however. "SecureKlip is the final mile in the effort to eliminate the risk of bacteria cross-contamination in the foodservice industry," says Cathy Wood, co-founder and president of SecureKlip, Inc. "Purse bacteria is a very serious issue for both patrons and restaurant owners, and SecureKlip provides a simple, inexpensive and convenient solution to keep purses off of tabletops where food is being served."

How serious is purse bacteria? Gerba demonstrated how bacteria can grow on a woman's purse for ABC News, with results that ranged from scary to terrifying. "We found fecal bacteria you normally find on the floor of restrooms," he said. "We found bacteria that can cause skin infections." When ABC News and Gerba ran a random field test and later a lab test on swabs from the outside bottom of 10 women's purses, every single one had at least some bacteria, most had tens of thousands and a few were saturated with millions. One even had 6.7 million bacteria. Half of the bags tested positive for coliform bacteria, which indicated the possible presence of human or animal waste.

"SecureKlip will set a new standard in food safety for the foodservice industry that continues to be singularly focused on food chain supply and on-site sources of potential contamination, but have not yet considered the hazards walking through the front door," says Bob DePew, co-founder and vice-president of business development for SecureKlip, Inc.

With half the population carrying purses through the front door of restaurants, bars and foodservice establishments, SecureKlip presents an opportunity for restaurant owners to add an additional layer of safety beyond those already mandated by state legislature. SecureKlip will be featured at the upcoming Western Foodservices trade show in Los Angeles, August 18th - 20th, 2007. You may visit them at the show at Booth #539, or on their website;

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SecureKlip is the new answer to the age-old question: "Where do I put my purse?" A patent-pending plastic molded device that installs easily under tables, bars or on virtually any flat surface, SecureKlip features a unique retention tip to offer a convenient, safe and secure place for women to hang their purses or other belongings. SecureKlip is an innovative solution, addressing numerous issues for business owners and their patrons that range from theft and bacterial cross-contamination, to tripping hazards and basic comfort and convenience. (


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