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Crystal Cube Consulting (CCC) is pleased to announce the release of our ground breaking report that really dives into the "tale-of-Two-Platforms" as we like to call it detailing the growing competition between the incumbent AdvancedTCA platform and the new contender on the block - the IBM BladeCenter HT. It is a must have report that will enhance your preparations for the future, as BladeCenter HT and AdvancedTCA move into very serious competition for the coveted carrier space of Next Generation Networks and network centric support.

CCC announces the release of the industry's first detailed report on the IBM BladeCenter HT platform which has been strategically designed to compete directly with the AdvancedTCA platform. While most platforms that challenge an incumbent have an uphill battle, IBM is going after both the Enterprise and Telco sides of the carrier market with two strong platforms - BladeCenter H and BladeCenter HT respectively - that are actually interoperable with each other at a blade level and share many of the same Field Replaceable Units (FRUs).

Our research and analysis provides answers to key questions about the potential of the two platforms (BladeCenter HT & AdvancedTCA) which will be squaring-off in a very competitive carrier grade market place:

  • Is it true BladeCenter HT not only provides the same Nodes per Rack as AdvancedTCA, but also "Double" the backplane bandwidth?
  • How will AdvancedTCA's cross-vendor interoperability stack-up against the BladeCenter HT platform's cross-segment (NEBS to Enterprise) interoperability?
  • How does the ecosystem compare to PICMG?
  • Has the Mantra "AdvancedTCA as a Standard" promoted competition and driven costs down?
  • What does the analysis say about the economies of scale for BladeCenter in general driving BladeCenter HT costs down?
  • Why have the "big names" in switches (Cisco, Nortel, etc.) supported the BladeCenter family and not AdvancedTCA?
  • As BladeCenter HT encroaches on AdvancedTCA's territory, could we see server vendors push the PICMG 3.0 standard into the Enterprise space?

CCC will also review the performance, flexibility and pricing, as well as, a five-year forecast of the BladeCenter HT utilizing Intel's Xeon® Processors, IBM Power™ Processors, and AMD Opteron™ Processors. The report also contains a revised AdvancedTCA forecast and detailed forecasts of the BladeCenter HT (revenues, units, and ASPs) over time compared with AdvancedTCA.

For detailed information please visit our web site which includes the abstract and Table of Contents:

CCC believes you will find our report to be both compelling and informative; a must have report that will enhance your preparations for the future, as BladeCenter HT and AdvancedTCA move into some very serious competition for the coveted carrier space with Next Generation Networks.

Substantial discounts are available for members of, PICMG, Intel Communications Alliance, RapidIO Trade Association, SCOPE and CP-TA. Members may purchase the reports for $1995.00 a savings of 20% compared to the non-member price of $2495.

Thank you in advance for your consideration in purchasing our report; your business is greatly appreciated.

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