"The Inventor Mentor" Helps Amateur Inventors Succeed on National TV

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On PBS and the Golf Channel, Bob Circosta teaches new inventors how to transform their inventions into dollars.

Master inventor Thomas Edison was fabulously wealthy and world-famous when he died - his name celebrated throughout the land. Master inventor Nikola Tesla died alone, destitute and forgotten - his property confiscated by the United States government.

Sometimes even genius inventors need good business advice.

"It's not enough to simply build a better mousetrap - you also need to sell that mousetrap!" said Bob Circosta, founder and president of Bob Circosta Communications, Inc. Circosta should know; as television's original home shopping host, he has personally sold over 75,000 different products and inventions on live TV, generating more than one billion dollars in sales. "I've witnessed revolutionary inventions fail to sell… because the inventor can't effectively communicate the benefits and uses of his invention. But I've also seen incredible inventions - properly marketed - make millions of dollars and literally change the world."

On the new Golf Channel reality series "Fore Inventors Only" (premiering on July 10) and the new PBS reality series "Everyday Edisons" (already airing in many markets), Bob Circosta teaches amateur inventors his step-by-step process for transforming an invention into a viable, marketable product - and then how to sell that product to the public. Because of his business acumen and sales legacy, Circosta is seen as the "Inventor Mentor" within the multibillion dollar television sales industry.

"Fore Inventors Only" showcases the inventions of 12 golfing enthusiasts all competing for a single grand prize. "Everyday Edisons" features various groups of aspiring inventors hoping to land their inventions in stores nationwide.

"My advice for amateur inventors is to stay true to your vision and never lose faith in the power of your dream," said Circosta. "But at the same time, you must always keep in mind that this is a for-profit business, and without revenue, you cannot succeed. What you know is often less important than who knows you."

Bob Circosta offers training programs for amateur inventors. For more information, please visit http://www.bobcircosta.com.

For interview requests with Bob Circosta, please contact Scott Pinsker at 727.572.8855, or via e-mail: scott @ bobcircosta.com

About Bob Circosta Communications, Inc.: World leaders in home shopping, electronic retailing, product development, business management, image refinement, corporate consulting, on-air tutoring, and marketing, Bob Circosta Communications, Inc. (http://www.bobcircosta.com) has successfully trained Emmy Award winners, Grammy Award winners, supermodels and A-list Hollywood actors for multimedia and traditional sales . Founder and president "The Billion Dollar Man" Bob Circosta is an undeniable legend in the electronic retailing industry; as television's first ever home shopping host, he has personally sold on-air over 75,000 different products, netted over 20,000 hours of live TV time, and achieved personal product sales in excess of one billion dollars. Through his groundbreaking seminar "The Channels of Success," Circosta has taught thousands of people his time-tested secrets for transforming fledgling ideas into life-changing wealth, and in the business world, Circosta has become one of America's most sought-after sales consultants. For information on how Bob Circosta Communications, Inc. can help you achieve your greatest dreams, please contact the company headquarters at 727.572.8855.


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