ICU is New Internet Collaborative Communications Software for People to Interact: 'Just Like Being There'.

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Launching their software platform to dominate the Internet marketplace for live people-to-people collaborative communications, AdriaComm, a Silicon Valley software platform company launches ICU© and 'BIG Brother' is excluded.

. And with a grin he added:

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Internet communications has evolved to real people in live voice, video and interaction vis-à-vis. A true benchmark platform for people to interact: 'just like being there'.

n. pl. vis-à-vis
1. One that is face to face with or opposite to another.
2. One that has the same functions and characteristics as another; a counterpart.

AdriaComm, an innovative software start-up in Silicon Valley, has launched their ICUcommunications© collaborative communications software platform enabled with the Microsoft .NET Framework for the most robust person-to-person, face-to-face, vis-à-vis platform in cyberspace. ICU© is their newest product release in a series of dependable online communication solutions.

The ICU© platform delivers unlimited all-user live voice, full-motion video and interactive collaborative desktop sharing (view and control exchange) between two to unlimited conference members! ICU© is an evolution beyond any browser based conference solution, now or in the future. Browser based conferencing solutions are inherently limited in function and security. ICU© is software-only platform, thus NO costly up-front hardware.

ICU© is exactly like two people sitting in front of a computer (with a mirror sitting on top of the monitor screen) looking at each other vis-à-vis and doing things with the computer at the same time with a crowd of people looking over their shoulder (but actually the crowd of people are in separate locations anywhere in the world with all able to be individually or collectively collaboratively kibitzing). Anyone without computer access can be included in full duplex two-way conversation with the POTS dial-up interface in the GUI.

Aaron Olbrich of Fujitsu Semiconductor, Santa Clara, CA, selected ICU© for his collaboration service after years of trying every other form of online solution. He and his team of designers were scattered around the country and the solution had to provide the means for all people to be hands-on so that design solutions could be worked out in real-time and instantly formally signed-off. "Get everyone physically into one place is impossible" he emphasized, saying: "And we would never prosper using antiquated currently name brand products. He emphasized the drop-dead consideration: "Ease of connecting with ICU© regardless of the local NAT/Firewall/Proxy situation was critical because some of the team was sequestered behind federal government agency firewalls which absolutely demanded assured encrypted privacy of data. Big Brother has bigger eyes and ears … than Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother".

He singled out ICU© as the only platform to be the perfect solution because: "it is the only solution that fully provided: I want it all … NOW".

Connection is a click on the ICU© desktop icon and a right-click of a person in your address book. Online with voice and video faster than a POTS telephone call, the NAT secured connection is accomplished without compromising any firewall protection. "Neither hackers nor Big Brother will be able to break into ICU©" said Ned Krtolica, AdriaComm CTO and the visionary of the software. "I can put to rest your any and every concern on function and security, call me directly at: 408-295-8904. Whatever is your situation, I have been there … solved that … ".

According to Mr. Krtolica, "ICU© is the BINGO collaboration solution because it is the true application sharing tool that enables all participants to share any application on their local computer with all of the participants". Whatever is the application software being collaborated, including new exclusive software at any point in its development, only one of all the conference computers needs to have that software installed". And with a grin he added: "ICU© is Patent Pending … all companies infringing will be hearing from us".

"With any typical experience using other conference products, it will be very quick for any user to appreciate the comfort-factor of ICU©" said Connor Vlakancic, VP Sales, adding "take a look at for a pdf flip-chart to understand the user-easy GUI interface." In a matter of fact tone, he reflected: "For any and all sales, marketing or customer-service training presentation, this is a very affordable software solution because you will spend lots of money on traveling or multiple costly web-based piecemeal products without it."

Contact AdriaComm for: I want it all … NOW.

Sales and media contact information:
AdriaComm, L.L.C.
Connor Vlakancic, V.P., Sales
2435 Forest Ave., Ste. 110,
San Jose, CA 95128
T: 408-385-1063 F: 408-247-6010

Technical and investor contact information:
AdriaComm, L.L.C.
Ned Krtolica, CTO, Founder
2435 Forest Ave., Ste. 110,
San Jose, CA 95128
T: 408-295-8904

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