Civil Alert Municipal Emergency Alert Notification System is now Available

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Civil Alert Emergency Notification System is a new and technologically advanced emergency alert system that can interact with cell phones via the sms short text protocol.

Civil Emergencies. Unpredictable, sudden, catastrophic. Where loss of life or property damage is possible, the importance of early warning systems can be the most important asset a municipality can have.

  • In tornado-prone areas, one of the biggest complaints survivors have is that they were given little if any advance warning of such impeding disaster.
  • On the coastlines, mass flooding can be eminent even with the smallest under-ocean earthquake.
  • In the case of terrorist activities, immediate communication with citizens, businesses, or other inter-municipal departments can lead to faster decision making, and therefore, save lives.

The Emergency Broadcast System and Reverse 911 systems are technological breakthroughs that have broken ground in the civil notification areas. However, both systems have limited capability in some situations. For instance, if a tornado was spotted on the ground at 2am in the Midwest, not many people would have their televisions or radios on. Citizens have literally just a few minutes to react. Also, it would simply take too long for the reverse 911 system to do call-backs to all phones in that area.

What is needed is a system that also alerts all cell phones in the area. A system that is easy to use, and can be accessed by all department heads. This system could also automatically send out amber alerts for that state, and allow department heads to send messages to individual department personnel.

That system is Civil Alert, a new and technologically advanced emergency alert system that can interact with cell phones via the sms short text protocol. Once a emergency action message is composed in an instant message style format, delivery to the cell phones are almost instantaneous, often completing in a matter of 45-60 seconds. A test run of 100,000 messages sent recently took literally 97 seconds to complete. Even if the citizen is currently on the phone, they will still receive the message.

Civil Alert is already enabled for over 29,000 cities all over the country, and is so simple to use, even novice computer users will find its ease astonishing.

The Civil Alert system is freely available to all U.S. citizens that have a cell phone, and has a minimal cost to the municipality, making it the most affordable emergency communication tool in the country.

There is no equipment to buy ever. Civil Alert is housed on state of the art servers in our disaster recovery facility, which is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We incorporate dual power grid entries, dual ups generators, and battery banks to ensure absolutely no downtime.


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