Teens are Not Prepared to Work, says Teens4Hire.org; It's the Impetus for Their New Job Readiness and Certification Program 'Ready for the Workplace'

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Teen employment numbers are dwindling because teens are not prepared to compete with older adults and immigrants for jobs. Teens4Hire.org launches a new program to ease employer reluctance in hiring teens and helps self motivated teens compete, land jobs and succeed in the workplace.

Teens that want to work need a way to prove or certify that they are willing, prepared and ready to work, to maximize their employability

In direct response to comments from companies reluctant to hire teens for summer and part-time jobs, Teens4Hire.org launches Ready for the Workplace™, an online job readiness and certification program for teens aged 14-19. The program is designed to improve the employability and success of teens in the workplace.

"Companies complain to us that teens are not prepared, ready or even truly willing to work," says Renee Ward, founder of Teens4Hire.org, a web site devoted to helping teens land jobs. "They say teens lack the right attitude, skills and work ethic which makes the company reluctant to hire a teenager especially a minor teen."

To compete, Ward says parents and job counselors should invest and encourage their teens to sign up for Teens4Hire.org's online job readiness and certification program, Ready for the Workplace™ http://www.teens4hire.org/ready_workplace.asp.

"Teens that want to work need a way to prove or certify that they are willing, prepared and ready to work, to maximize their employability," says Ward. "They need to overcome the reluctance of companies and take down one of the barriers to their employment. Workplace expectations, basics and the fundamentals of the working world can be taught. Coupled with self motivation and a positive attitude is a win-win all around. Now when someone asks the question, 'Who helps teens get ready for the workplace?' We can say we do."

Ready for the Workplace™ comes at a time when fewer than half the nation's nearly 17 million teens ages 16-19 -- or 48.8 percent -- had or were looking for jobs in June, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, compared to 67.7 percent in 1978, the highest recorded rate of teens working or looking for jobs.

This is even more significant because for the first time since 1948, when the federal government began tracking data, the number of teens who aren't working or looking for work in the summer has outpaced those with paying jobs.

Ward says contrary to the reports that say teens have stopped wanting or looking for work, millions of teens join her site each year in hopes of landing a job of interest but there aren't enough companies actively advertising their openings to teens.

Employers have other options these days she says. They'd prefer to hire older workers for their experience and work ethic.

She says that's why teen employment numbers are dwindling.

Teens4Hire.org surveys show that 80 percent of teens want a paying job in an area of interest to them and say they need the money for necessities.

When teens get the message that fewer jobs are available or think they won't find one or that no one will hire them, they're less likely to try to get a job, drop out of the labor pool and seek other venues.

Ready for the Workplace™ is a self paced, self development program that covers issues of real importance to employers. It is provided as a collaboration of Teens4Hire.org and The Pikes Peak Learning Company of Colorado Springs, CO.

Upon completion of the program teens receive a Certificate of Completion that they can present to prospective employers as testimony to their self-motivation, preparedness and readiness for work.

Employers are provided with a detailed program description of what has been learned and accomplished. This program is also a true benefit for the employer that has openings but not the resources to train teens in the basics of workplace essentials.

Tens of thousands of teens nationwide have used learning systems such as this to enhance their lives. Ready for the Workplace™ is accessible to any teen with a connection to the Internet.

For more information visit http://www.teens4hire.org/ready_workplace.asp


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