Actress Lindsay Lohan Needs Jesus

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Christian prison minister Marty Angelo approaches distraught actress Lindsay Lohan with offer of faith-based treatment program plan.

In attempt to help another troubled celebrity, prison minister Marty Angelo has reached out to actress Lindsay Lohan.

Angelo recently tried unsuccessfully to convince socialite Paris Hilton's sentencing judge, Michael Sauer to let him serve Hilton's jail time if the judge would send her to a residential treatment program. Read Paris Hilton Documentation

This time Angelo has written to actress Lindsay Lohan, who has been plagued with various drug and alcohol related problems. "There is no doubt in my mind you would benefit tremendously from a faith-based treatment program," Angelo remarked in his letter dated July 18, 2007 to Lohan six days 'before' her latest arrest for DUI and cocaine possession. He offered to assist Lohan to find Christian alternatives. Read Lohan Letter

"The secular treatment programs Miss Lohan recently participated in obviously did not work." Angelo stated, "Nothing has changed her addictive behavior."

"Lindsay Lohan's out of control lifestyle is only the tip of the iceberg," Angelo continues, "I feel Miss Lohan would benefit by enrolling into a yearlong faith-based program that allows God to get to the root of her real issues.

"It takes more than a secular 30-day quick fix stay in a luxury suite on the Pacific Ocean with hot tubs, cell phones, and un-supervised outings. I have witnessed thousands of changed lives in Christian based treatment programs and know Lohan could put an end to her downward spiral if she enters and successfully completes such a program.

"I would gladly volunteer to serve whatever jail or prison sentence Lindsay Lohan is given 'if' she seriously wants to change her life by entering a faith-based treatment program. If she wants to continue in her wasteful partying ways then maybe a punishing prison sentence (captivity) is warranted to possibly help snap her out of it.

"Unfortunately, that is hardly the case in 81% of prisoners released from California prisons. This group winds up being re-arrested and returned to prison within one year.

"A person has to want to change his or her life. Statistics prove the majority of people cannot be 'forced' to change by being incarcerated. Prison sentences wind up being a waste of time and taxpayer's money. Even most of the substance abuse treatment programs in the California prison system have proved a failure.

"The inmates who ultimately do change in prison are those who give their lives to Christ and are involved in the Chaplaincy program."

Angelo overcame his own substance abuse issues through Christianity and is one of the reasons why he reaches out to offer assistance. Angelo remarked, "I am waving a big red flag to warn others that the bridge is out ahead and they need to make a 180 degree change of direction or face sure disaster with possible death. By turning to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior brings a new powerful life with forgiveness, love, and guaranteed deliverance."

Marty Angelo writes about his own trials and tribulations in his autobiography, "Once Life Matters: A New Beginning." Angelo worked in the entertainment business in the '60s and '70s, was arrested in 1980 for two counts of cocaine possession, and was sentenced to a six-year sentence. He served two and a half years in a federal prison in Lexington, Kentucky.

Angelo became a Christian just prior to his incarceration in 1981. He has been a prison minister for the last 26 years. Angelo donates thousands of copies of his life-changing testimony book to prison inmates, drug rehab clients, and troubled celebrities. Read Response Feedback Letters

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