Mosquito Abatement Protocol Utilizing Nontoxic Solution is Now Available to Federal, State, and Local Governments, School Districts, and Related Municipal Entities

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Public Parks, recreational areas, sports fields, administrative facilities, schools and designated areas of concern can now be (treated) sprayed using CedarCide Industries, Inc.'s chemical-free NOCDOWN III® concentrate. This Cedar Oil active solution, provides the safe and effective elimination of mosquito's carrying West Nile Virus, without the use of estrogen mirroring and toxic compounds. Mosquito Control with the use of Cedar Oil is approved by the EPA. No applicators license is required.

Effective immediately CedarCide Industries will provide NOCDOWN III Mosquito Abatement Products directly to all Federal, State, Local Government and School District entities.

Due to increased demand for direct access to NOCDOWN III® Mosquito Abatement Concentrate by Local, State and Government entities, Dave Glassel, President of CedarCide Industries Inc., The Woodlands, Texas made the following announcement:

"Effective immediately CedarCide Industries will provide NOCDOWN III Mosquito Abatement Products directly to all Federal, State, Local Government and School District entities."

Therefore, it is no longer necessary to purchase NOCDOWN III® Mosquito Abatement concentrate through normal supply channels. The revised government purchasing program will now originate directly with the manufacturer. This policy modification will allow CedarCide Industries to provide buyer assistance and product usage knowledge directly with the parties responsible for the product purchase and the application in their Mosquito Control Agendas. Furthermore, the change represents a substantial savings to the entity. "We recognize the budget pressures our elected officials face, and have eliminated the middle man, to pass the savings on to them," Mr. Glassel said.

NOCDOWN III® was first introduced into the agricultural Industry in 2003. It is globally acknowledged as the most effective Biocontrol agent for biting and stinging insects available on the market. The product is a proprietary formula composite of Red Cedar Oil and Ethyl Lactate, that produces a water soluble concentrate effective in dilutions up of 8000:1. Red Cedar Oil is distilled from the Red Cedar Trees of Central Texas.(Juniperus Virginiana), and Ethyl Lactate is a biosolvent manufactured from Corn. These water-soluble resources work in concert to produce a high "knockdown rate". In comparison to Pyrethroid formulations ie. Permethrins, Pyrethrums, etc classified as estrogen mirroring, carcinogenic compounds, NOCDOWN III® formulations exhibit a zero toxicity level. NOCDOWN III® components are EPA approved, and classified as Minimum Risk Pesticides under the Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 and the subsequent filing in the Federal Register under 152.25b, March 1996. Furthermore, NOCDOWN III® poses no threat to the BEE population or to other beneficial insects as do Pyrethroids.

The unique NOCDOWN III® formulation repels harmful insects by disrupting their Octopomine Neuro Receptors (pheremones), then, as a Larvicide's it erodes the egg and larvae to create a multi-level effect leading to high mortality rates. Research suggests for each mosquito observed, there are 99 more in egg or larvae stage. By breaking the reproductive, or "egg laying" cycle, the subsequent generations of insect are reduced. In addition, mosquitoes do not typically travel more than 150 foot from their origin. The formula's natural Cedar Oil Aroma creates a "barrier of entry" against migrating insects.

Application of NOCDOWN III can be done with standard spraying apparatus. Dilutions with water are recommended at 200:1 (1 gallon ND3 to 200 gallons water) for spray of grass, ditches or other infested type areas. The same application to standing water is suggested. Application has no harmful effects on the aquatic population. The use of fogging equipment is also acceptable. Applications prior to rain will enhance the performance of NOCDOWN III.

Additional information on CedarCide products can be found on the PCO Public Entity page of the website. Address questions to info @ or call (800)842-1464 to place an order for product. Payment with government debit card is required. Same day shipment via UPS Second Day via Motor Freight. Special pricing of $125.00 per gallon in case lots, and $89.46 per gallon in 55 gallon drums.


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