Brand Expert Shares Easy Ways to Raise Your Search Engine Rankings and Get More Traffic to Your Site

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SEO experts have protected their secrets for years and convinced us that SEO is mysterious and complex. Not so. Brand expert Erin Ferree of elf design has blown the lid off all the secrecy and revealed that Search Engine Optimization is actually easy. In fact her new book, "Raise Your Ranking," lays out a complete system for small businesses to use to raise their search engine rankings, get more traffic to their websites, save thousands of dollars and have control of their own future.

Driving quality traffic to a website is one of the most important marketing tasks for small businesses. It is an integral element of brand-building, internet marketing, sales, and defining a business as distinct from the competition. It just doesn't matter what you put on your website if no one visits your site and sees the great products and information you offer. Getting people's attention and enticing them to your website can be accomplished in two ways. One of these methods can become very expensive very quickly. The other method seems to require insider knowledge of super-secret tactics. Hiring someone to work their magic to drive traffic to your site can also be very expensive. The trade winds, however, are shifting.

What, you ask, is this new wind blowing across the nation? It is the unprecedented revelation of the insider small business SEO secrets of a top branding and SEO expert. Erin Ferree, Principal of Elf Design, Inc. of Belmont, California, has broken the code of silence and revealed her very profitable and effective system for Small Business Search Engine Optimization (SEO). "I decided to lift the veil of secrecy," says Ferree. "As a small business owner, I understand the struggles of other small businesses," she says.

Ferree says, "Two primary methods for getting targeted Internet traffic to your website are to use paid Internet advertising, including pay-per-click advertising, on the search engines, and to earn high rankings in the organic search results." Pay-per-click advertising can become expensive, as we all know. Many people also recognize paid ad placements in the search engine listings. They choose the natural (organic) listings and trust the search engines to give highest ranking to the most popular, and presumably the best, sites. "The way to get the visibility and the traffic you want," she says, "is to earn high rankings in the organic search results listings. You capture the attention of a greater number of people and you don't blow your entire marketing budget in one place."

"Small businesses must budget carefully and spend valuable marketing dollars even more carefully," says Ferree. "Fortunately, organic search results are more effective in driving high-quality traffic to your website -- people who are genuinely interested in your products and services." Ferree's Small Business SEO system is geared to help small businesses rank higher in the organic results sections of the search engines' lists. She has developed a winning system of SEO for small businesses. "I've actually just taken everything I know about SEO and funneled it into this new product, Raise Your Ranking. I've made it as easy as possible. In fact, if you can write a sentence, you can do this. With Raise Your Ranking, any small business can successfully position their websites in the search engines for phenomenal success in the rankings, in turn driving more and more traffic to their website." Equally important, with this product, small businesses have the knowledge and the tactics to re-optimize their sites again and again as their business grows, as the market changes, as the words people search shift around.

The release of this product, specifically intended to help small businesses do their own SEO is unprecedented. Raise Your Ranking might be the marketing product of the year. To learn more about the product and about Elf design, visit

About Erin Ferree and Elf Design, Inc.
Elf design, founded by Erin Ferree, is a brand identity and graphic design firm that has been helping small businesses grow with bold, clean and effective logo designs for over a decade. Elf design offers the comprehensive graphic and web design services of a large agency, with the one-on-one, personalized attention of an independent design specialist. Elf design works closely with their clients to create designs that are visible, credible and memorable -- and uniquely theirs. For more information about elf design, please visit:


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