The Plastic Surgery Center of Buenos Aires Endows Foundation to Benefit Children with Craniofacial Disorders

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The SurgeryBA Foundation (SBAF) will improve the lives of children who would otherwise live with a facial deformity for the rest of their lives. "If there is a defect on the soul, it cannot be corrected on the face, but if there is a defect on the face and one corrects it, it can correct a soul." ~ Jean Cocteau

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The SurgeryBA Foundation (SBAF) will improve the lives of children who would otherwise live with a facial deformity for the rest of their lives.

"Congenital craniofacial disorders affect more children every year than all childhood cancers combined."*1 Ranging from cleft lip and palate to traumatic deformities, these treatable disorders have a tremendous negative impact on a child's development, growth and future life.

To help children who cannot afford surgical procedures required to treat these conditions, The Plastic Surgery Center of Buenos Aires ( has established the SurgeryBA Foundation (SBAF) -- a non-profit charitable foundation exclusively dedicated to treating and caring of children with congenital malformations of the face and head, offering a lifeline to children who cannot afford treatment or are marginalized by the health insurance systems.

The Plastic Surgery Center of Buenos Aires, a leading full-service plastic surgery provider, will donate resources, expertise, medical procedures and logistical and technological support to the foundation.

"The SurgeryBA Foundation treats patients with congenital craniofacial abnormalities like: cleft lip & palate, hemifacial microsomia, Treacher-Collins Syndrome, Cranyosinostosis, Apert Syndrome, Crouzon Syndrome among others, as well as traumatic deformities and head & neck tumors," explains Dr. Diego Steinberg, SBAF's chief medical adviser. "By providing human and technological resources, the foundation's programs are focused on the reintegration of patients into society as productive individuals."

SurgeryBA's Director, Rodrigo Benadon, sums up the spirit of the foundation: "When you treat a child of a facial deformity, you change that child's life forever."

About the company--
The Plastic Surgery Center of Buenos Aires is a medical tourism organization based in Buenos Aires, Argentina that offers personalized, comprehensive plastic surgery packages to international patients. Medical tourism, the process of traveling abroad to obtain medical procedures, has grown rapidly in recent years as patients face rising healthcare costs at home and find safe, more affordable, medical options abroad. In fact, Argentina has become one of the world's leading destinations for plastic surgery.**2

Patients from across the United States, Canada, Europe and the rest of the world choose flying to Buenos Aires over performing the same procedures in their home country because the International Patient Care Center at The Plastic Surgery Center of Buenos Aires is a medical unit dedicated exclusively to serving foreign travelers seeking plastic and cosmetic surgery; the cost/quality ratio is unbeatable, and staff members are experts at addressing the unique needs of medical tourists.

A trip to The Plastic Surgery Center of Buenos Aires is not just a trip to the doctor, but a full mind-and-body healing experience that channels the beauty and culture of Buenos Aires and culminates in the total redefinition of body and spirit. Patients are cared for before, during, and after surgery by an expert team and a full suite of additional personal services is available, including a personal concierge, personal shopper, full spa facilities, language lessons and various tourist activities.

"Our patients can expect the same level of service, quality, and medical excellence that they would receive at home. In fact, you will find that SurgeryBA offers more support and services than you're accustomed to at home, and at a much lower price," say the Medical Directors of The Plastic Surgery Center of Buenos Aires.

Speaking with patients of The Plastic Surgery Center of Buenos Aires (, it is easy to understand why Argentina has become one of the world's leading destinations for plastic and cosmetic surgery.

"It was a chance to redefine myself while on vacation at a very cool place" says Jennifer Blake, a ravishing financial analyst and mother of four, as she raves about her recent trip. "I opted for a combined procedures package -- a tummy tuck, breast lift and breast implants package, with additional non-invasive procedures to enhance my overall results." She continues, "I am so happy with the way I look now, it just gives new energy to everything I do. Plus, I got to do all this completely stress free, with the privacy I needed, away from my daily chores, at a beautiful vacation destination, for a lot less than a single plastic surgery procedure would have have been if I had done it at home."

The value proposition of The Plastic Surgery Center of Buenos Aires comprises five points:

  •      World class medical service
  •      Personal support & special attention
  •      Maximum privacy
  •      Buenos Aires location (ranked #2 on Travel+Leisure's List of the World's Best Cities!)
  •      Affordability

The Plastic Surgery Center of Buenos Aires
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*1 Source: World Craneofacial Foundation
**2 Source: International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery


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