Backpacks and Baggy Pants: Youth Fashion Trends That Turn Into Health Liabilities

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According to posture and vitality expert Aaron Parnell, the use of backpacks and the wearing of sagging pants or baggy pants may be cool. But parents should be aware that these two fashion statements can lead to years of chronic pain and physical inconvenience for their children once they become older.

With another school year just around the corner and back to school shopping well on its way, parents should keep two fashion trends in mind that may cost their children thousands of dollars in medical bills as adults. According to posture and vitality expert Aaron Parnell, the trend of wearing backpacks as well as baggy pants may be cool for many students, but parents should be aware that these two fashion statements can lead to years of chronic pain and physical inconvenience for their children once they become older.

Parnell notes that there are pros and cons to wearing backpacks and that by themselves they are not bad. But when they carry more weight than they should and are worn improperly, they are often worn at the expense of the student's good health.

He states that "There is no way for a growing child's body to recover from having to continually support a heavy weight in an unnatural position. The best way to eliminate the backpack problem is to minimize its use as much as possible."

In addition, Parnell treats over a dozen young people a year with problems directly related to wearing baggy pants or sagging pants without a belt. Although this style is setting trends all over the world, what many fail to realize is that to keep their pants from falling down, young people are forced to walk in an awkward manner. They rotate their legs inwardly at the knees and turn their feet outward to keep balance. This creates bad posture.

Walking this way can also lead to hip degeneration and low back problems. Further, rotating your legs like this everyday can lead to life-long knee misalignments and bunions.

At his Vitality Center in San Mateo, Parnell works with parents and students to offer easy solutions for maintaining great posture while keeping up with today's fashion trends and being cool at school. Solutions all students can practice each day to eliminate the risk of future back problems and pain include:

1. Ditch the Weight -- If students have a different schedule each day, only bring the books needed for the day to eliminate excess weight in the backpack.
2. Leave the Heaviest Books at School -- Use the study period to do the homework for the classes with the heaviest textbooks, and then leave them at school.
3. Roll your own, or use your locker-- If students need all of their stuff and lockers are not available, get a rolling backpack and act cool. If lockers are available at school, get one book out at a time for each class and exchange it at class breaks.
4. Buy the Belt--When purchasing baggy pants, get the correct size belt to hold them up at just the right height.
5. Scared Straight -- If parents know anyone who has had bunion surgery, a knee, or hip replacement, they should have them talk to their children about the screws, scars, and inconvenience they continue to experience.
6. Reality Check -- Point out that in most ads and commercials for jeans, the models and actors are NOT wearing baggy pants.

For more solutions and information on how to prevent fashion trends from turning into health issues students, visit To request an interview with Parnell regarding the topics above or his opinion as a subject expert on additional health topics, such as: stress, wellness, pain, self-esteem, body image, etc., please call Vicki Williams at 925.642.3646.

About Aaron Parnell
Aaron Parnell is one of today's emerging talents in the Vitality and Healthy Aging movement. "The Vitality Man," is a dynamic and eloquent mind and body genius who captivates audiences, and gives clarity to those who want vitality and pain-free living. With a success rate of nearly 100%, Parnell helps individuals improve their posture, sports performance, and eliminate chronic pain.


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