Global Security Associates, LLC., Provides Security Advice to Event Planners on the Do's and Don'ts of Event Planning

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Every event planner needs to be informed on the latest approach to event security. How large and small venues may differ in size but the approach and thinking towards keeping guests happy and safe, sometimes remains the same.

While it goes without saying the world's political climate has had an impact on planning large scale political events and sporting venues, now social gatherings are seeing the same ideology being applied, but for different reasons. Event planners are well aware of the necessity for security at corporate events and parties but there is a growing need due to liability, that security also be present at many other seemingly innocent social gatherings. This is because across the U.S. legislators are quietly making rules governing the need for security under what is sometimes called the "Social Host" law.

Events planners for any size venue need to be conscience of how to mix in the right amount of security to keep participants safe and keep the flavor of the event from being lost. "Security is no longer reserved for just the famous. Security is now commonplace for executives, their families and even their kids' parties," explains William McGuire, president and CEO of New York-based Global Security Associates. Global has expanded services to assist clients in recognizing their vulnerabilities. As a full-service security firm events handled range from exclusive private parties at country clubs to "A" list events all over the world. "A professional party planner has enough to worry about on the day of the event. A security company versed in handling events will make sure the operations run smoothly from working with existing on-site security to the seamless delivery of food, the entertainment and VIP escorting."

The news here is that executives are not only at risk when they travel or hold delicate shareholder's meetings, but also at parties they host or even their kid's parties. "Where ever there is a potential for things to get out of hand and a threat to anyone's well being exists, there should be security to diffuse any potential situation," explains McGuire. Keeping people from being a risk to themselves; whether alcohol is involved or not the goal is to head off any problems saving VIPs from any potential embarrassment. At Global a full review of the party venue takes place and then recommendations are made on how best to handle the flow of the event. "Our goal is to make sure everyone has fun and gets home safe…we don't police a party or event, we help manage it."

For instance, Global frequently reviews and carries out security for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Sweet Sixteen parties. "There is too much at risk for this age group. They are experimenting and are very creative at sneaking in both drugs and alcohol. Our goal is to prevent this from happening but at the same time keeping the fun going." McGuire recommends that parents of the guests and the guests themselves often feel at ease if the presence of a security company is known in advance. "Just our presence will sometimes head off an embarrassing incident."

The analysis process for events begins with the asking of several questions which include: Who is the event for? How many will be attending? How long will the event last? Will there be a need to provide celebrity and or political protection? Once these questions are asked, the team at GSA will coordinate with local police, fire, emergency medical services and local hospitals. The use of the technology will also be considered. Now mobile security technology allows GSA to set up cameras across mesh networks and deploy wireless access control security for use at the event, within hours.

As events get larger, the more there is at risk. Global has been involved with such world events as the Presidential Inauguration, the United Nations General Assembly and the Olympics. Such world stage events take a special hands-on security but this same approach can be used on a smaller scale for corporate events to keep unwanted attention and attendees at bay. "What can happen in corporate events is there may be an audience that will try to make their message heard, simply because they don't like what the company does or is involved in. This exists in some industries which may be affected by eco-terrorists: A group which has been active in destructive protests for sometime now."

Times have changed and so to does security protocol for events. "It can be daunting to not only plan an event and then have to suddenly be a security expert as well." Global has responded by offering event planners their expertise which will put party hosts at ease. "We are often asked to consult with event planners on various scenarios, so if we could make this process easier to understand for both the client and event planner, it is a good thing."

About Global Security Associates:
Global Security Associates, LLC, (GSA) is among the world's leading security firms. The company provides security reviews and personnel to companies and it's executives throughout the world. Most notably known for its work with national and international airlines, with locations throughout the world, companies depend on Global for providing daily security operations, on-going security design protocols, updates and training. GSA has also been a major security supplier to government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and international clients at locations in Europe, the Caribbean, North & Central Africa, South Africa, South America, Mexico, Asia and the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

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