New Blog Chronicles Writer’s Daily Battle for Consciousness

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Shiran launches a new blog ( as a unique quest for pristine awareness. The blog will heighten awareness of anyone seeking to create consciousness in their own daily struggles.

I've learned to force myself to 'go through the motions' even though I don't feel like it

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Many search for consciousness in the poetic wells of Baudelaire or Yeats, or the more contemporary fountains of Dylan or the Who, however, listeners mostly find metaphors. Shiran, on the other hand, knows that consciousness begins at home -- while cooking, preparing for her wedding or biting her teeth during a painful skin scraping massage at a Korean gym. She has the unique capacity to blend her daily adventures and deep memories with her quest for the truth within herself. Reading her new blog, ( is an adventure in awareness.

What is the secret of "A Conscious Reality"? It is Shiran's absolute failure to avoid the prosaic realities of life in her quest for the pristine moment. Shiran's moments are as intense as a bolt of the kyosaku on the shoulder of a daydreaming Zen meditator, but more likely to be found listening to her nano-pod while walking on the boardwalk or on an exercise bike in a Long Island gym facing the ocean.

"Wanting to amplify the euphoria I checked in with my body, the sweat beads that formed on my face, chest and back, the lactic acid in my legs that took turns building and releasing. My dry mouth, the lower back that alternated being curved and erect, the pretend waves I could hear through the glass; all of this was created by the fulfillment of one requirement -- being present. I reveled in that for a while -- all I had to do to experience this glory was to be present," writes Shiran about being on her bike.

For a writer searching for his her or her identity, Shiran's blog is an on-going "Moveable Feast," much like Hemingway’s account of his early life in Paris as a writer of fiction. The reader feels his joy in the oysters, beer and wine he consumes in each café, painting a clear, though caustic portrait of the life around him. Readers can picture Shiran as a colleague, perhaps on another level of existence. Shiran's fascination, however, is more with these jolts of consciousness than with her Bordeaux or plate of trout. She is always striving to climb the mountain, but she never depreciates chopping wood. Here she is on a boardwalk on Long Island.

“I ran and ran never looking more than a few feet ahead of me. That's when I realized something else that was happening. For once, I wasn’t counting the blocks ahead of me, which I learned the names of all fourteen by heart when I was 16, or looking at the watch to see how fast I was or wasn’t going, I was right where I needed to be -- right here. The physical experience of running has always been hard for me because I was never in my own footsteps, instead I looked at where I should be or where I will be in 20 minutes."

Unlike Hemingway in his most expressive moments, Shiran's café is wherever she is. Shiran's life is her own moveable café. Her wine, unlike Ernest’s more sensual variety, is a taste of the unheralded glory of the present moment -- the very same wine as Khayaam or Rumi's, that moved poets to silent ecstasies on mountain tops, in strange, dark caves and, for the disciplined, in French cafés. For someone struggling to find roots in their own Greater Reality, "A Conscious Reality" is a reminder to remember, a memento vitae.

Still, scattered throughout the blog, there are dark jewels of tragedy, despondency and despair. Shiran speaks of the lost P.J., whose tragic end by drowning four years ago, changed her life. She describes Reuben, a family friend, who she visits in a hospital. She writes of her life with the Kabbalah Centre, her loss of faith, its cult standing in her current thoughts. There are threads of procrastination, self-discontent and sometimes stark depression.

"I've learned to force myself to 'go through the motions' even though I don't feel like it," said Shiran. "In this state, I feel like not caring, not doing anything, not changing out of my pajamas or eating breakfast or watching tv or writing, or anything at all -- but I force myself because life must continue and I am a testament to that."

Unlike many authors who roam the world in their own private dream world, like most of Earth’s citizens, Shiran has definitely found something. But she knows she needs to keep it and make it grow. This blog is partially about writing, partially about awareness and partially about everything else. Find it all at

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