The Human Shadow Secretly Effects 2008 Presidential Race and Final Election

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The Human Shadow has reared its ugly head in US and world politics for years. In the new book: Beauty and Her Beast -- Introducing the Human Shadow, author Kay Newell Plumb pierces our placid blinders.

Dramatic exposure of the human shadow is terrifying -- or enlightening. In her new book: Beauty and Her Beast, Introducing the Human Shadow, first time author Kay Newell Plumb introduces us to the human shadow, the toll it takes on our daily existence, and opens our minds.

Beauty is scheduled for release in October of this year published by MidAmerica Publishing Company under their new imprint, Revelation Books. Author Kay Newell Plumb uses familiar characters -- Beauty and the Beast -- to turn the lights on where we try so hard to leave them off. Based in Austin, Texas, MidAmerica Publishing helps Kay shine light into areas we try very hard to keep in the dark.

"Dramatic discovery is what Revelation Books is designed to promote, and Kay kicks that off by taking us for a walk on the wild side. We are creatures of comfort and blinders make us feel safe and secure. Kay rips them off and holds your eyes open," explains Scott Damschroder, Publisher of MidAmerica. "Beauty allows us to explore where we didn't know we wanted to go. That's startling revelation at its best."

Beauty and Her Beast is an introduction to the subject of the human shadow and its effect on our country, our leaders and our very lives. Written for understanding of the novice to this new, powerful force, working within the daily fabric of our mundane routines, Beauty is easy to love with stark contrasts to the draw of the dark side.

With an expected final release date toward the end of October, 2007, Beauty and Her Beast will perch on store shelves in time to open our eyes for the upcoming Presidential election. "We will finally be able to understand the underlying influences that force our politicians -- our line-up of Presidential candidates -- to make some of the outrageously insane decisions they make," said Scott. "As scary as it is, it's time we enter an election period with some open-minded understanding of the forces that shape our candidates."

Kay knows the shadow well and takes us on a journey to discovery. "Your shadow holds the parts of your being that you don't want to think about or acknowledge," author Kay Newell Plumb explains. "It's the repressed, unlived side of your normal daytime personality -- the stuff you don't like about yourself -- the stuff you don't want anyone to know about you. It's what we each do with that part that gets interesting."

Breaking the publishing mold, MidAmerica Publishing is bringing promising new authors, like Kay, front and center of the reading public with compelling subject matter like that of the human shadow. Distributed by MidAmerica Book Company, the book will be widely available in trade book channels.

"It's time this subject matter took the front seat and if MidAmerica has to drive the bus to make that happen, well, then I say let's get ready for the trip," said Scott, who is also the project editor for Beauty. "It's time to shake the tree a little, and this book is going to make some apples come down somewhere -- there's no question there."

Preview galleys will be available in late August, 2007, to book review organizations, book reviewers, newspaper book section editors, magazine editors and reviewers, and others qualified for book trade review.

For additional information on the book, galleys, distribution, or MidAmerica Publishing Company, contact Scott C. Damschroder; or visit us at For interviews with the author, Kay Newell Plumb, contact her directly. MidAmerica Publishing Company, and MidAmerica Book Company are divisions of the scott dee company, llc. with main offices based in Georgetown, Texas, a short stone's throw from Austin.

About MidAmerica Publishing Company:
Scott C. Damschroder is the founder of the scott dee company, llc., Publisher of MidAmerica Publishing Company, and the project editor of Beauty and Her Beast. Kay Newell Plumb is the author of Beauty and writes from her garden haven in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

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