Femtocells and Wireless HDI to Drive Convergence of Voice and Video Content in the Home, Says New WTRS Report

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A new report issued by WTRS finds that the opportunity for content and voice service providers is larger today than ever. The emergence of Femtocells and Wireless HDI enable new services and applications for broadband communications and digital video.

Emerging wireless technologies such as Wireless HDI (WHDI) and femtocells are driving the convergence of voice and video content in the home. Femtocells allow cellular service providers to offer continuous mobile phone service to the significant percentage of the population who have unreliable phone service in their homes. This is the missing link to allow consumers to avoid the sometimes poor quality of service historically associated with VoIP alternatives, while at the same time eliminating dropped mobile calls in their home.

Wireless HDI technology enables the wireless distribution of uncompressed high definition video content to television sets as advanced as the 1080p sets entering the mass market today.

"Service providers who adopt WHDI into set top boxes will provide absolute premium quality service without adding substantial cost," said Kirsten West, PhD, principal analyst with WTRS. "Consumers want high quality, high definition video content and will pay a premium for the ability to utilize the full capability of their TVs."

The WTRS Report, "Wireless Connectivity Technology Trends Summer 2007 Report" identifies other conclusions as well, including:

1) The convergence of femtocells with wireless connectivity, how femtocells will affect the WiFi market, and a forecast of the market for femtocells.

2) Analysis of the emerging legal dispute in the UltraWideBand industry, including the effect of this litigation on wireless connectivity market development and on the WiMedia Alliance.

3) Analysis of Wireless HDI technology, markets, use cases, and its impact on the WiMedia Alliance.

The new edition of this "WTRS Wireless Connectivity Technology Trends Report, Summer 2007 issue" analyzes and forecasts the market for "Wireless Connectivity" technologies. The Report includes a thorough evaluation of emerging technologies including UWB, Bluetooth, the 802.11 family of WiFi standards including 802.11n, Wireless HDI, Femtocells, and CW-UWB. Analysis includes an assessment of the market, regulatory, and governmental drivers on global scale. The Report includes analysis of the WiMedia Alliance, Bluetooth SIG, and the Certified Wireless USB, as well as global & regional market trends & forecasts, regulatory issues, standards development, economic effects, and strategic developments. The Report is a component of the WTRS "Wireless Connectivity" subject sphere. A purchase of the report includes one hour of phone consultation with the principal analyst. Purchase of the annual subscription to this report also includes our traditional and pioneering 3 quarterly updates.

The Report also offers a comprehensive analysis of total addressable market issues in individual early geographic areas that makes it possible to join other companies that are entering a particular geographic market and will achieve a reasonable ROI.

Using proprietary research, meticulously gathered from public patent sources, company information, and other research this report is truly an invaluable resource for any company participating in the Wireless Broadband sector, or planning a potential entry into this market.

For more information, contact: http://www.wtrs.net

George West, President
Phone: 650-940-1196

More Information on this Research:
Title "WTRS Wireless Connectivity Technology Trends Report, Summer 2007 issue"
Product Number: WT080407WCCS
Publication Date: August 2007
Number of Pages: 55

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