A Doctor is Honored: So What?

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When The American Cancer Society honors a doctor of integrative medicine, it is a big deal.

No Sweat? Know Sweat!--The Definitive Guide to Reclaim Your Health

The American Cancer Society's Fourth Annual Big Apple Basket Ball of May 11, 2007, paid tribute to four individuals -- but, one person stood out.

Bill Akpinar, MD, DDS, Dr.Ac., Ph.D. (Pain Management and Oriental Medicine), known as Dr. Bill, has more Eastern and Western credentials that could be listed here, but why boggle the mind? This man lives to heal, and does so from the understanding that individuals are mind, body, and spirit -- and that healing of any one, must address all three.

A testament to his passion and caring about his fellow man was shared by Don Hazelton who introduced Dr. Bill prior to receiving his award. Living just a few houses apart, Hazelton called Dr. Bill at 3a.m., when his son was a toddler and in medical distress. Dr. Bill answered the phone and was told there was a problem. Hazelton waited to hear what the doctor advised. All he heard was silence. He said, "Bill? Bill?" -- but heard nothing in reply. His wife said, "Forget Bill. Call 911!" Before Hazelton could hang up the phone, he heard someone pounding on his door. He opened it and there was Bill Akpinar, in his pajamas. He hadn't bothered to hang up his phone, just ran to his friend's house and successfully treated the little boy. As good as this story is, it's only one of thousands upon thousands about an individual committed to his purpose.

Dr. Bill spoke to the hundreds of attendees and summarized what actually triggers cancer or other diseases to develop, as well as the practical ways individuals can prevent or address any imbalance in the body, if one takes place. Though the other three individuals deserved to be honored for their contributions, Dr. Bill was the sole recipient of a standing ovation.

He continues to treat patients and train doctors in various protocols, but Dr. Bill has expanded his purpose as an educator through his highly-informative, yet reader-friendly books that comprise Dr. Bill's Health and Wellness Series. His newest book, "No Sweat? Know Sweat!--The Definitive Guide to Reclaim Your Health" is now available at the Lulu website.

For more information about his books or to arrange an interview or speaking engagement, please contact Dr. Bill Akpinar at 718.428.2780 or through PRWeb's email option.


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