Amenity Clinical Grooming Launches Foot Spray

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Amenity, LLC, has added a 6th product to its Clinical Grooming line of premium men's products: the Foot Spray.

Taking inspiration from the 'nasty feet' epidemic affecting men and women, a|MEN|ity is taking aim at locker room floors, nasty old sneakers, and daytime foot dampness. "If your dogs are barking, as mine often do, good luck finding a product that works," says Dwight Schultheis, co-founder of New York City-based Amenity, LLC ( "Amenity's Foot Spray offers vitamin and nutrient-rich foot food." Loaded with callus softening humectants and the patented ingredient DrielineTM, the Foot Spray is also rich in antioxidants, willow bark, menthol, clove and a host of other proven ingredients.

The a|MEN|ity Foot Spray tackles the most common feet problems. It can help to:

  • Prevent wetness by cooling feet all day long (menthol)
  • Prevent bacteria and fungus on foot and inside sneakers to reduce odor (clove and thyme)
  • Reduce calluses and heal crevices (Drieline TM activates collagen synthesis and willow bark)
  • Revitalize and soften skin on foot (shea butter helps prevent dryness and cracking)

A 2006 a|MEN|ity survey revealed that 70% of men and women are conscious of the smell of feet while a staggering 86% feel self conscious about their own smell. The survey, which was posted on in August 2006, had 1,864 adult respondents age 16 to 50, approximately half of whom (52%) were women. Since the majority of respondents indicated being "very bothered" when they encounter smelly feet, the product was formulated to be effective for both men and women.

When it comes to discovering the next big thing, a|MEN|ity has a track record for creating innovative and original products, most notably their 'knuckle balm' and award-winning 'acne pen' which were launched in October 2006. The men's skincare company has pledged that future products will only be launched once they are clinically proven to be effective (in an independently administered, medically controlled study). Kimberly Pecoraro, the company's president, explains that "the average consumer has been repeatedly 'duped' by companies promising out-of-this-world results which are not delivered. Customer usage is the only way to prove that a|MEN|ity products are legitimate."

In skincare, according to Kimberly, "only the facts count:" She cites that an impressive 82% of subjects (subjects = 22) consider this product effective after 28 days of use:
1. 77% of subjects experienced complete healing of tough / dry / open crevices on feet
2. 82% of subjects experienced a complete decrease in discomfort (stemming from crevices)
3. 64% of subjects experienced a significant improvement of the skin's softness

Amenity Foot Spray is packaged in a handy on-the-go plastic bottle that locks and fits easily in gym bags, thereby falling in line with another one of the company's missions which is to have "lifestyle friendly" packaging. VP of Operations and a Co-Founder of the Company, Lisa Lehan, explains "no contortionist skills are needed to apply this product effectively - it features a convenient 360°sprayer technology developed to permit spraying the product upside down and every which way." The suggested retail price is $32.00 for the 6.5-oz bottle which is expected to last between 4 and 6 months, depending on use.

"The aMENity Foot Spray provides fresh and dry feet anytime, anyplace" said Lehan.

Amenity Clinical Grooming products were introduced nationwide in October 2006. In nine months, the line has earned several industry awards. The line includes traditional skincare products in handy on-the-go airless containers, unique multi-use products like an anti-acne pen and a knuckle and elbow balm, and a hand-made fine leather travel bag modeled after a 1920's doctors bag. Amenity products are available worldwide at more than 100 retail locations, including Space.NK, and dermatologists offices.

Suggested MSRP: $32
Size: 6.5 ounces (est. 120-160 uses)

Interesting foot facts:
1. Feet have 500,000 sweat glands
2. New research suggests that the primary cause of foot odor is poor diet (especially refined carbohydrates and fermented products)… the second most common cause is stress.
3. The sole of your foot is home to the body's thickest layers of skin and is one of only two body parts unable to grow hair (The other? The palm.)
4. Cracked heels are the most common foot issue dermatologist treat
5. Since your feet swell throughout the course of the day, never shop for shoes in the morning.
6. A number of illnesses including diabetes, arthritis, and circulatory problems can make their first appearance in feet.


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