Students Injected With Vampire DNA Join the Battle Between Good and Evil in New Novel

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Drew Silver's horror novel "The Vampire Within: New Blood" is a spine-tingling story that draws on the similarities between the lives of vampires and humans.

When faced with the terrifying choice of life as vampires or certain death, a credulous group of college students decides to follow in Dracula's footsteps, to save their own lives and the lives of those they love. This explosive choice launches an action-packed adventure in Drew Silver's latest novel "The Vampire Within: New Blood" (ISBN 9781419667794, BookSurge Publishing, 2007), the second book in her popular "The Vampire Within" trilogy.

The courageous students in "New Blood" were prestigious Triton University's best and brightest, willing to do anything to get ahead. Unfortunately, their desires for success lured the students to a university research project that promised drastic physical and mental improvements. The students thought they received a harmless serum, but in reality, they were injected with manipulated DNA from vampire remains and had become pawns in the villainous Dr. Cohn's genetic engineering experiment.

"New Blood" picks up where Silver's last book, "The Beginning," ended, but won't leave new readers lost. The students quickly realize they must take the rest of the genetically altered vampire serum to stay alive and to gain enough strength to fight back against the sinister Dr. Cohn and his henchmen. Dr. Cohn's evil plan wrecks havoc on Triton City, turning a once peaceful town into a dangerous disaster zone. Now, the students he deceptively injected are the only ones powerful enough to stop him.

"New Blood" goes beyond the gore and bloodshed of the horror genre and explores the students' internal struggles also. After taking the serum, the students must constantly battle against their own inner vampires, something that tests the strength of their very own souls. At the same time, the battle between good and evil continues to rage on outside, and the students learn that in order to conquer the chaos that Dr. Cohn has unleashed upon their city, they must band together and rely on each other.

"New Blood" will thrill horror fans with its creative, captivating modern twists on the classic vampire stories that have fascinated people for centuries. "The Vampire Within" trilogy will be continued in the summer of 2008 with the final novel "Life Eternal."

About the Author
Drew Silver resides in San Diego, Calif. She holds a degree in criminal justice from Indiana University and has worked in law enforcement. She was inspired to create her own vampire story by observing the similarities between human lives and the lives of vampires from classic stories and the original Dracula movie staring Bela Lugosi.

"The Vampire Within: New Blood" (ISBN 9781419667794, BookSurge Publishing, 2007) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request.


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