Aging and Depression: Hale Dwoskin, Featured Expert in #1 Mega-Bestseller 'The Secret,' Announces How to Help Overcome Emotional Issues of 'Getting Old'

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Hale Dwoskin, featured teacher in the #1 bestseller "The Secret" and founder of The Sedona Method, has just announced how to help overcome the emotional issues of "getting old."

Hale Dwoskin, founder of The Sedona Method and a featured teacher in the #1 blockbuster bestselling book and movie, "The Secret," discusses Aging and Depression and announces how to help overcome the emotional issues of "getting old."

Some of us quietly dislike the idea of getting older. A lot of us downright dread it, to the point that we loathe our birthdays, lie about how old we are, and spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to make us look young.

Often, just the idea of getting older is enough to cause a deep depression.

"We live in a society that worships youth instead of age and wisdom," says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates. "We also fear both death and the aging process - and try to deny and avoid them. Because of this, instead of celebrating their birthdays each year people tend to dread them more and more."

Fear of aging is, indeed, common, particularly among 20-somethings and mid-lifers (ages 35-49), according to a UK study published by Datamonitor. In terms of aging, the study found that people are most afraid of:

  • Financial insecurity
  • Physical deterioration
  • Loss of attractiveness
  • Being unable to cope with new situations

Interestingly, one's fears are the greatest not when getting older, but right before they hit a major aging milestone, like a 30th or a 65th birthday. It's during this point of vulnerability that marketers are told to "target" consumers with age-driven marketing: anti-aging pills, creams, surgeries, you name it.

In 2007, these so-called "fear of aging purchases" are expected to reach over $41 billion in the UK.

Aging and Depression: Why Worrying Gets People Nowhere

The worst part about aging, it turns out, is thinking about it and waiting for that dreaded day to come. It's during this time that some may become depressed just thinking about the negative things that might happen with age.

After actually becoming older, it turns out that many fare better; one is forced to deal with the dreaded older age and therefore worry less, the Datamonitor study found.

Further, while some studies have pointed to a heightened risk of depression among the elderly, particularly those facing chronic medical problems or who are socially isolated, a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience found just the opposite.

The study of 242 healthy people ages 12 to 79 found that older people are actually less neurotic, more able to control fear and more emotionally stable than younger people.

In reality, then, the only thing a person has to "fear" about aging are the negative thoughts that are cooked up in their own mind. The more one worries about their age, the more likely they are to feel depressed about it.

The Sedona Method - studied and verified effective by Harvard Medical School - can help a person learn how to tap their natural ability to release negative thoughts of aging and let go of unwanted feelings on the spot.

Dwoskin states, "If you let go of your worry, your fear and your depressed feelings about aging, you will become free to enjoy your life at any age. Letting go is something that we can all do, but many of us don't know how."

The Sedona Method is a simple tool that will teach a person how to release negative emotions about aging so they can have a lasting positive attitude and experience emotional wellness.

Meanwhile, remember that on the inside, we are always ageless.

"The best way to embrace your age is to look inside and notice that at your core what you are is ageless," Dwoskin says. "This presence of awareness that you are has never changed even from your earliest memories."

"As you let go with The Sedona Method the more you will feel this presence that you are, and the younger you will feel," he continues.

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For more insights on the topic of loving yourself and feeling good about your appearance, Hale Dwoskin, New York Times Best-Selling author of The Sedona Method, featured expert in the film and New York Times bestseller "The Secret," and CEO and Director of Training of Sedona Training Associates, is available for interviews. Sedona Training Associates is an organization that teaches courses based on the emotional releasing techniques originated by Hale Dwoskin's mentor, Lester Levenson. Dwoskin is an international speaker and featured faculty member at Esalen and the Omega Institute. For over a quarter century, he has regularly been teaching The Sedona Method techniques to individuals and corporations throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Visit


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