Artistic Ping Pong - A KookyRabbit Collaboration on RedBubble

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A magical collaboration between two talented artists, Kookylane and FireRabbit, is playing out in public on Bursting with unpredictability, imagination, colour and fun, the Ping Pong collaboration involves the artists taking it in turns to add an artwork to the series, each inspired by or reacting to the previous one. Onlookers can comment and join in on the fun, and all artwork is available for sale.

Over the past four months, a magical collaboration has been underway on Two talented illustrators, FireRabbit and Kookylane, have been playing a exhibition match of "artistic Ping Pong" and attracting a growing crowd of onlookers.

The two artists take it in turns to add an artwork to the series, each inspired by or reacting to the previous one.

As Kookylane explained "It's a collaboration where we keep passing the ball to the other every time we finish an artwork. Yes, a bit like a tennis match, but we decided to call it ping pong just because it sounds funnier".

It's an intriguing concept brought to life with an amazing burst of color and creativity. There are currently ten artworks in the series and it isn't over yet.

"This series is awesome. So unique, refreshing and entertaining too. FireRabbit and Kookylane are incredibly talented," said one viewer, while another remarked "I love your crazy fun images of different characters and far away lands ...there's so much movement and imagination in them".

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the Ping Pong collaboration is its unpredictability. Even the artists themselves aren't sure what the future holds.

"I have no idea where it's going to go, but I am very excited about it," said FireRabbit at the start of the project. "We don't know what the other is doing until it is done!"

Sometimes one artwork builds upon the previous, such as adding an additional character and zooming out further from the scene to show more context.

But other times the changes are more dramatic, such as when the various characters added by each artist started battling for supremacy. "haiyaaahhh ... you have declared war, eh? Bring it on!" cackled Kookylane, to the amusement of the crowd. Another observer commented that "this collaboration is bringing out the fire in the rabbit".

As the graphical story evolves over multiple artworks, the protagonists flee the destruction around them and embark on a fantastic adventure.

What lies ahead? "No idea how much longer the series will go. Having major fun doing it though!" said FireRabbit.

The entire story is being played out in public on, an online art gallery and creative community. This means that everyone has the chance to enjoy the duo's creative talent, share in the fun, and talk with the artists directly.

Onlookers can also show their admiration by buying framed or mounted prints of the individual artworks, or collect the whole set on greeting cards. As one admirer put it "Great! I want them all", while another simply said "Pay day - this is mine. I love it".

Kookylane and FireRabbit both work as freelance illustrators and animators in Melbourne, Australia. They have been friends for some time, but had "never thought about collaborating with another artist before". The initial inspiration came from another RedBubble member, Kathleen, who has been active in encouraging collaborations.

The project has proved to be a colorful demonstration of the benefits of being part of the RedBubble community, whether as an artist or an art-lover. As Kookylane puts it, "RedBubble makes this kind of thing so accessible and easy and fun!"

But perhaps the final word should go to Kalb Severin, a long-time RedBubble member "For me this collaboration has been one of the best things to come out of Redbubble. Such awesome talent here but when it's combined in this fashion it takes it to an unknown level".

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