Grammy Award Nominated Producer Chico Bennett and Indie Darling Brig Feltus Launch Captive Libertine Label

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The launch of Captive Libertine Recordings and its debut album release.

Grammy award winning Chico Bennett and Indie Darling Brig Feltus have announced the launch of Captive Libertine Recordings, LLC. Their first release, Brig Feltus' debut 'Love and Light Vol.1', is slated for Sept. 4 among major retailers statewide. The duo express that creatively organic intention and natural affinity are ingredients in the glue that has formed the bond.

Brought together by Seal's former manager, Rebecca Mostow, Chico and Brig began their friendship while collaborating to write several songs for one of Rebecca's artists. They quickly realized their artistic compatibility and the rest as they say is history, as a real and lasting friendship began to form.

Brig advises she has an intuition about such things, believing that all paths that cross her own have a purpose. She's very attentive to those crossings when they occur. Chico considers the process that has taken place to be a logical one considering the the natural flow within it.

"After that project was over Brig and I continued writing songs. Some targeted for other artists, some came about sitting at her breakfast table. Some little impromptu tidbits, but all really great. At a point, we decided to actually record some of the songs specifically with Brig in mind as the artist. Next thing you know we had a record without a home. Logical idea: build a home!" shares Chico.

The goal of Captive Libertine is to introduce like-minded artists to the music industry.

The symbolism behind the name perhaps say it all. It's described to be a combination of many ideas.

Brig relays its concept is based in being captivated by an experience. The music captivates an audience and inspires the listener, creating a sense of freedom that transcends the former state of mind.

"There are many layers to the symbolism. We really liked the idea of the contrasting ideas being brought together, to celebrate the fact that the truth of all things always lay somewhere in the middle of opposing thoughts. That somewhere between the right and the left is the truth. That somewhere between reality and fantasy lies the truth. That somewhere between beauty and ugliness exists the truth. That even in between pain and pleasure there exists a combination of the two that is what makes us human. We often forget this balance in life, reaching for one extreme polar opposite or another. But life is not really truly about polarity. It is about balance. Restraint and Liberty combined will give one a greater sense of freedom than either extreme ever could," Brig describes.

Chico shares her sentiments. "The concept hinges around the idea that the balancing point between two extremes is the sweet spot. The spot from which all beautiful things emerge. It's also about capturing the spirit of the listener and breaking down pre-existing ideas that might be founded on something that's not quite true or real, and once breaking that ideal, setting the listener free to bath in a wide open pool."

The first release from the Love and Light Vol.1 album is Brig Feltus' single entitled, "Head over heels".

Chico describes this as a lavish musical landscape of liquid guitars, aggressive drums and synths, supporting a siren wailing the laments of someone being in love with love. He advises that there is support for the song in an aesthetically beautiful video and remixes for the track.

The album will follow the release of the single, and is already being compared to Alannis Morrisette, Erykah Badu, Rickie Lee Jones and many others in its eclectically rich elements. Reviewers have heralded it as honest, good music that gets under the skin and transports the listener to another world.

Appreciative listeners range from the r&b/soul fan, to the hiphopper, onto the other end of the spectrum to the punk rocker.

Articles and reviews written have long shared the opinion that Brig Feltus has the power to change the face of things musically. Humbly, Brig suggests that the music industry itself is changing, and naturally the artists to come along will impact this transition while the industry is in a state of flux. She aims for artistic integrity with global distribution in service to the larger goal of honest self exploration, and the support of indie artists. Bennett's band called Stranger Days is something to look for in the not so distant future as well.

"In the long term, I dream of being in a position to support other artists whom I love and admire. Some of them I already have specifically in mind and hope that one day soon, we will be in a position to sign them up."

Chico Bennett has a lengthy bio which includes the work he is well-known for with Prince's Camp, as well as his work with Madonna, The Killers, Usher ,Christina Milian, Nelly Furtado and many others. Whether he is writing a song, doing a full on production, developing an artist, or running a label, he always hopes to find the sweet spot between the art and the commerce.

Brig Feltus is an indie darling in the Myspace circuit, whose music has been featured as opening theatre entertainment, as well as been optioned for use on The L Word. Though fairly new to the music industry she has earned respect and credibility for organic artistry that pulls the heart strings, having come from the heart initially. Members of her enormous fan base have dubbed themselves Brigheads, and are comprised of loyal and supportive individuals from many walks of life.

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