One Million Hits and Counting: Grassroots Group Tells Left Lane Slowpokes >> MOVE OVER!

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Slow drivers - MOVE OVER! Grassroots campaign uses novel, pro-active approach to prod slowpokes out of Left Lanes.

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Since it was launched in May of this year, Left Lane Drivers of America has enjoyed well over a million hits to its website as the grassroots group works to spread the word: "If you're not a Left Lane Driver, then get out of the Left Lane!"

According to J.A. Tosti, spokesman for Left Lane Drivers of America, "Last year, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956. This remarkable project resulted in the construction of almost 50,000 miles of Interstate Highways criss-crossing the USA. Unfortunately, the infrastructure of the system is now getting old and is no longer able to easily handle the burden of the burgeoning numbers of cars and trucks which daily depend upon it."

Tosti says the only near-term option available to us is to find ways to make more efficient use of the existing system. "You don't see anyone adding extra lanes to the freeways in order to help lighten the load. This is why Left Lane Drivers of America is working to raise the awareness level, to get drivers to be more actively thinking about the way they currently drive. Especially where it has to do with contributing to and even exacerbating the problem of increasing traffic congestion."

"More and more these days," says Tosti, "you find slow drivers in the left lane, causing no end of headache and frustration to those of us who have places to go and people to see. Some of these offenders are timid and tentative, some are completely oblivious to what's going on around them, and some are self-appointed 'hall monitors' regulating what they alone have determined to be proper driving speeds. Whatever be the case, we all need to be reminded that if we're not passing someone on the right, we need to get out of the left lane."

To that end, and in order to actually help slower drivers move right, Left Lane Drivers of America offers copyrighted windshield decals which boldly and prominently display their unified sentiment in the offending driver's rearview mirror. The decal, which reads "MOVE OVER" also has a large arrow showing them where to go. The words and arrow display backwards on the windshield so that they read properly when seen in the mirror (go to to see picture). According to Tosti, "Although the message minces no words, the idea here is not to be rude or pushy but to offer slow drivers a gentle prod, reminding them of the need to either pick up the pace or make room for those who choose to drive a bit faster."

In fact, slow drivers do need to move over. Uniformly throughout the USA, the left lane is supposed to be the passing lane and, in a handful of states, slower drivers can actually be cited for obstructing traffic. Those who stake out permanent positions for themselves in the left lane tend to provoke those wanting to drive faster, often giving them no other choice but the dangerous strategy of passing on the right in order to get ahead. Slow drivers can easily become slow moving safety hazards.

Bottom Line: Moving over is a matter of courtesy. It is a matter of safety. It is a matter of doing one's part to help traffic flow smoothly. And it is the law most everywhere: "Stay to the right except to pass". Left Lane Drivers of America is doing something positive to help improve traffic flow on today's overcrowded, pressure-packed freeways. Their pro-active "Move Over" message has the potential of helping reduce instances of road rage, hazardous driving and untimely, often deadly accidents.

J.A. Tosti


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