Verztec Consulting Announces Best Practices for Internet Marketing

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The Internet is the keyword of the future. The burgeoning number of subscriptions to Internet Services Providers and upcoming technologies for people to stay connected has led to the dissolution of national boundaries. In the unprecedented rapid flow of information, capital and talent, vast vistas for novel collaborations have been unfurled before us. Many organizations have felt the irresistible beckons and are jostling to hop on the internet bandwagon. Although the opportunities are tantalizing ones, only a few have succeeded in harnessing the potential dynamism that the World Wide Web proffers.

Nicholas Goh, Managing Director of Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd, a leading provider of Translation and Localization services, is pleased to offer a tip sheet, gleamed from his experiences, to help businesses capitalize on global opportunities and increase revenues.

The advent of the Internet is a crucial driving force behind globalization. Its importance as a business tool should not be overlooked. Companies are able to transcend physical boundaries and establish brand presences around the globe, all thanks to the rise of the Internet.

In the age of globalization, it is imperative for companies to have a strong web presence.

This is especially the case for emergent manufacturing businesses, which tout advantageous low production costs and rapid manufacturing processes. The drawback is that, even today, many of such businesses do not have Internet connections. In a marketspace where we are accustomed to sending global email enquiries at a mouse-click, having to extract rudimentary information from organizations in far-flung places over the phone or via snail mail, is a costly and onerous procedure.

In our drive to build brand presence and generate positive publicity online, we have conscientiously invested in the development of web resources. We are committed to building attractive and professional user-friendly websites with informative and updated content. This takes the form of rigorous website checks for broken links and other glitches as well as regular updates of web content.

Websites can also serve as introductory tools for potential overseas clients to familiarise themselves with an organization's operations.

For the example in Verztec, many of our clients got to know of us when they chanced upon our websites, or were directed to us via web links. They found the information provided useful and subsequently, contracted us for a comprehensive suite of Translation and Localization services.

In addition, quality websites can double up as recruitment tools. Verztec has invested heavily in web technologies that allow Translators, Interpreters, Voice Talents, Copywriters and other personnel to register themselves as providers of Linguistic services. Our global team of Project Managers can then access the details of these personnel with ease and evaluate their capabilities based on subsequent checks and tests. This also means that adept personnel can be recruited from different parts of the world, bringing with them in-depth knowledge of culture-specific linguistic conventions and terminologies. Further, all contact information of registered personnel are conveniently maintained on a 'DIY' basis as 'live updates' of information can be easily performed by the click of a few buttons.

For companies looking to boost customer satisfaction, one of the most promising places to start is the Internet. Verztec has experienced the number of online enquiries increasing steadily through the years. With a well-oiled and systematic internet communication system put in place, clients can expect prompt replies and brisk action to be taken. This enhances client satisfaction and provides an assurance that competent and conscientious members of staff are at the helm.

Companies that have target audiences from different parts of the world should also consider localizing their websites into the relevant languages. Providing information on products and services to clients in their native languages has proven to dramatically increase customer confidence and comfort levels when sourcing or purchasing products and services online. It is therefore crucial to communicate in the languages your target customers do!

Verztec, being a leading provider of Translation and Localization services, has an extensive database of personnel comprising Linguists, Translators, Interpreters, Copywriters and Voice talents sprawled over several continents. By employing an enterprise project management system, as a cost-effective means of linking our personnel up with our project mangers, we enhance inter-country communication and increase our productivity substantially.

Although the future of the Internet looks roseate, one should not overlook its potential dangers. With an increasing dependence on web applications, businesses might be exposed to attacks by hackers and viruses. A means of resolution would be investment in security applications such as firewalls or password-protected zones.

An emphasis on communication and presentation skills would also help to prevent an unhealthy reliance on internet communications. The ubiquity of email has left many executives floundering when it comes to real-life communications. Allowing members of staff a few minutes to present their ideas and update their colleagues at a monthly internal meeting would go a long way in developing communication skills.

In bringing together peoples of diverse nationalities and skills, the World Wide Web is already effecting profound changes in the way businesses operate. What used to be niche businesses with unwavering profit margins now exist in highly-competitive playing fields. What were once exclusive resources are now accessible to all. Exciting times lie ahead as businesses constantly seek to innovate and hone in on novel business opportunities.

Nicholas Goh is the Managing Director of Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd, a provider of Translation and Localization services. He can be contacted at (65) 68413119.

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