Dr. Mickey Offers The World Two Books: Red, White & Blue" ("The Art Of Punctuation"), and "Dr. Mickey On Atkins - The Mijas-Diet" ("A Mediterranean Diet")

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"Red, White & Blue" teaches young students a lasting "writing style," while "Dr. Mickey On Atkins - The Mijas-Diet" teaches overweight people an eating system to lose weight and gain better health (longevity).

A dieter who invests a small amount of money (less than $5.00), will lose--unhealthy body fat

Miguel Angel Suarez ("Dr. Mickey") offers the world two educational books.

(1) "Red, White & Blue" ("The Art Of Punctuation") sells for just US$4.95. Dr. Mickey (Miguel Angel Suarez) teaches students of all ages how to use punctuation marks--the traffic guides of communication. This eBook is 90 pages long--it is short and handy. It is easy to download and easy to print (for constant access, reading). The author named it "Red, White & Blue" in honor of all the "tricolor" flags of the world (especially the USA and Cuba, the author's native country).

"Red, White & Blue" explains (providing many examples) every punctuation mark. It is easy reading for all students. For example: The "midget, troublesome" comma (,) is explained in great detail. The semicolon (;) is renamed ... The "tall, elegant" apostrophe (') is protected by the "Writers' Guard"--students are invited to join. The hyphen (-)--a pest--is sent to the garbage can. All other marks are professionally discussed for the benefit of young writers. For educational purposes, "The Chicago Manual of Style"; John Grisham's "The Partner"; and Lynn Truss's "Eats, Shoots & Leaves" are commented with proper citations (attributions). Readers of "Red, White & Blue" will learn much from these bestselling authors; someday, "readers" may want to write like them (or like me). My favorite author is "Hemingway"--he wrote in short sentences for "easy reading."

This 2007 punctuation eBook is a "step-by-step" guide to better writing--"readers" (young and old) will develop their own writing style--in just a few weeks. Dr. Mickey wrote this eBook for the benefit of young students, but every writer will benefit from its teachings--a simple "style." This smart eBook should be on every students' study desk and in every adults' library.

(2) "Dr. Mickey On Atkins - The Mijas-Diet" ("A Mediterranean Diet") sells for just US$4.95. It is not just another diet health book--it is a special diet dook. This eBook has over 220 pages, so download it and print it chapter by chapter. (Do it slowly.) Dr. Mickey teaches overweight people (worldwide) how to (a) lose weight; (b) control blood sugar; (c) lower cholesterol; and (d) lower blood pressure. It is an easy eBook to read; it is not technical. More important, it comments and features "seven" bestselling diet books (from Atkins to South Beach)--it is an encyclopedia of diet health--all a dieter needs to read to start a new healthy eating system. "A dieter who invests a small amount of money (less than $5.00), will lose--unhealthy body fat," claims the author.

The author is Miguel Angel Suarez ("Dr. Mickey"). He lives in Miami, Florida (USA). He has written professionally since 1964. He dedicated three years to writing these two eBooks.
Dr. Mickey wrote "Red, White & Blue" for the benefit of young students.
Dr. Mickey wrote "Dr. Mickey On Atkins - The Mijas-Diet" for the benefit of overweight people.
Dr. Mickey uses a "low" - "low" price hoping to reach millions who (1) want to write better, and (2) want to lose weight and gain better health (longevity).

(1) "Red, White & Blue" (an eBook) can be bought at: http://www.lulu.com and http://www.ebooks-online.com and http://www.ebookomatic.com.
(2) "Dr. Mickey On Atkins - The Mijas-Diet" can be bought at: http://www.authorhouse.com (as a Print On Demand book and an eBook) and http://www.ebookomatic.com and http://www.lulu.com and http://www.ebooks-online.com.

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